Art Source International

Owner: George Karakehian
Manager: Katie Karakehian Olson
Opened: 1979

Art Source International?
"We wanted to be the main "Art Source" for people in town, but we were selling internationally. We put it together and there you have it, Art Source International."

What was the happiest day of your life?
"When I met my wife Kristin." - George
"The 2nd happiest was when my daughter Katie started working for me!" (Katie's Answer)

If I wasn't at work today...
"I'd be dead because that's the only way I wouldn't work."

"It’s so fulfilling working for a business that my father has worked so hard to build. I’m honored to be a part of this legacy."

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
"I wanted to be a weatherman" - George
"I wanted to be a horse trainer or an athlete" - Katie

"Five years ago my father asked me to come work for him. It was a good time in my life to make the switch... I absolutely love my job and love working with my father."

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Downtown Boulder/1942 Broadway, Suite 301/Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303.449.3774/Fax: 303.449.1582