Goorin Bros. Hat Shop

Shopkeeper: Beth Robbins, Assistant Shopkeeper: Cecelia Morel
Opened: June 2014

"Back in high school, while shopping for a Prom necklace, I told my mom 'you know what? One day I'm going to have a shop of my own and it's going to be on Pearl Street.' I had totally forgotten about it but, when this all fell into place, my mom reminded me that I had called it years ago."

"Pearl Street is magical. You walk down the street and there are performers and people, there's always something going down. It's such a fun, unique environment that's just AMAZING! - Beth"

"My grandma and great grandma were milliners. We had lots of hats displayed in our house so I've always liked them. I can't leave my house without my keys, or a hat on my head, or my phone, otherwise I feel like something is missing."

If you could have one super power...

"It would be the power of positivity!"- Cecelia

"I already have a super power and it's the ability to mute people at any random time. I actually have cochlear implants so I can just kind of pop 'em off and smile and nobody will ever know that I'm not listening. It's magical at karaoke bars" - Beth

"I'm getting married in July. It's a Jurassic Park theme. It started as a joke. The reasoning behind it is that me and my fiance had one of our first dates at the Boulder Outdoor Cinema and they were showing Jurassic Park, It's kind of been a thing with us ever since."

"Just do you. We're all so different. There's a hat for every personality, every style." - Cecelia

"We want to bring back the old school haberdashery. It was a very social place." - Beth

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