HMH Architecture and Interiors

Owners: Cherie Goff and Harvey Hine
Established: 1989

"I got interested in architecture because I like artistic endeavors. Whether it’s jewelry design, architecture or art, and it just seemed to match my skills. I was good at math and I liked building, especially with Legos. A lot of people go into architecture from Legos." - Harvey

"I liked the creative side of architecture. When I was in elementary school, I once wrote that I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to be able to rearrange the room the way that I wanted it. I didn’t know what an architect was back then." - Cherie

“I started this business almost 26 years ago. Cherie joined over 10 years ago.”

“Six years ago I became a partner by buying into the farm. When I first teamed up with Harvey, I had moved to Boulder from Boston and was looking for firms that specialized in modern design.”

"When we first opened the office on 15th Street, it was a different vibe that catered to a different clientele. But there were 9 architects on the block. We were all friends, we decided to start throwing parties and events together, and eventually we decided that collectively we were the '15th Street Design District'."

"I just love walking down Pearl Street. Particularly in the summer because there are so many wonderful events going on and I like people watching. We love the dining scene and Boulder Theater, of course. It’s certainly a very vibrant downtown. Our out-of-town guests are always blown away by how close and how beautiful it is." - Harvey

If you could have one super power…

“I would like to fly but I think I’d really like to have Wonder Woman’s Lasso that forces people to tell the truth. I’d use it all the time.” – Harvey

“I’d like to have the power of irresistible charm that makes me extremely likable. That way in situations like interviews, they’d want to hire me right away!” - Cherie

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