Ramble on Pearl

Co-Founders: Andy and Connie Minden
Opened: August 2014

"We were only going to be in Boulder for two years but we fell in love with it. We love living in a college town. It shaves a lot of years off your life, being around young people all the time." - Connie

"I always wanted to be a teacher, from the time I was really young. My friend actually had a pretend school room in her backyard so we played school all the time. And eventually I did become a teacher." - Connie

"You can never predict where life will take you. Life will take you in all sorts of different directions so be open to creating something good from those opportunities." - Andy

"One of the great benefits of launching Ramble on Pearl in Boulder are the number of partnerships that have emerged with so many people in the Boulder community. It isn't just us, it's other people who have helped us take this dream and turn it into a reality." - Andy

"Our daughter Kendra is one of our first apprentices. All you have to do is spend 10 minutes with her or one of her friends and realize that they have so much to offer and they need a reason to get up in the mornings just like everyone. I started thinking about how to create a business where we could help people with special needs become gainfully employed. Rambe on Pearl is the result.." - Connie

"August 15, the day that we opened the shop, we received notification that the IRS had approved our nonprofit status -- two great reasons to celebrate." - Andy

"That was a fun day. Andy told me at Walnut Brewery, one of our favorite Downtown Boulder restaurants, and I was so excited that I screamed. People were turning around wondering what happened." - Connie

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