Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place

Owners: Jennifer, Jill, and Jessica Emich
Opened: December 2011

"When we came to Boulder to visit for the first time, it just fit us and our vibe. We loved everything about it. We all relocated shortly before we opened our first restaurant (Trilogy) when we were 24 years old (we're triplets) as we knew it would take all three of us. Now, with Shine, we have one of the only women-owned breweries in the country."

"The first time we saw the space, it looked very cavernous and masculine but we could see how we'd be able to break it up into different spaces, because that's kind of our thing. We love experiences within."

"When we plan the menu, we think about seasons. All of our meat is local, organic and 100% grassfed. A lot of it is about quality of the food and where it is being sourced. There's so much love and attention that goes into the menu. We want to take care of people from the inside, out."

"Shine, the name, comes from the idea of shining from your heart and sharing your gifts and passions with others. We host all types of public and private events daily. We love hearing people's stories and dreams and knowing that we provide a space for them to be shared."

"We've got a new lifestyle cookbook coming out in April called 'Eat. Drink. SHINE.' There are stories and philosophy woven throughout, around sisters, family, and our personal lives."

If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be and why?
"Feeling empowered, like Wonder Woman. Because being a woman in the beer industry, or restaurant industry, or music industry is really about empowerment and owning it." - Jill

"For me it's about being open and flexible. I love how Shine opens me up and the way that we deal with so many different things on so many different levels. It's the power to shape-shift." - Jennifer

"My power would have to do with being a conscious creator. Everything we do makes such an impact. It's so important to be conscious about what I'm creating and why." - Jessica

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