Managing Partner: Peter Waters
Opened: May 2012

"I wanted a break from corporate sales so I thought I'd help my friends open up a restaurant in Boulder. I would trade tequila and tacos for telecomm sales any day of the week."

"I see this restaurant as a business that provides food and hospitality, and in that regard it's no different from running any other startup in town. Just because we aren't a tech-based company doesn't mean we are not a startup. A lot of the same components apply and that's what I enjoy the most about this business. "

"My philosophy is that we'll pay for anything once. If I'm going to pay somebody to come in and fix the refrigerator, I'll be on the floor with them watching what they do so that I know how to fix it if it breaks again."

"I used to joke that when this started feeling like work, we would quit. When it started feeling like work, I realized there was nowhere else I would rather work."

"We had the idea for wooden walls so I tore apart 75 shipping pallets to reuse the skids on them. Michelle is our combination artist and server. She did all of the black and white charcoal art by hand. That's actually an agave farmer holding a machete in the middle of a field of agave."

"Our customers are some of the most interesting people in Boulder. They are people that we want to spend our day with. In the restaurant, I get to sit down and talk with them for a few seconds, minutes, or even hours, and that is pretty amazing. This bar is the greatest desk in all of downtown Boulder!"

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