Bundle Up, Boulder!

Posted on January 30, 2015

Hey there Boulderites! My name is Danielle and I’m a 2015 spring intern here at Downtown Boulder. Originally from San Francisco, I moved to Boulder three years ago to study Journalism at CU. Besides studying the days away, I’m a dancer, a dog-lover, a Bay Area sports fan, and a food-enthusiast. During my time as an intern, I hope to provide you with a variety of  information on topics such as fun things to do, important holidays, fashion trends, and most importantly, food and fine dining.

Coming into my third snowy season here in Boulder, you would think that I'd be a pro at the basic winter "do’s and don’t’s”. However, this California girl still finds herself shivering on her way to class every morning. With that in mind, I did some research regarding the best ways to keep warm in the winter and developed my very own “How To” list!

Danielle’s How to Survive Winter’s in Boulder 

1. Dress warm!  Layering is key. I start with a thermal undershirt and layer it with a cute and cozy sweater from Free People, Urban Outfitters, or any of the other wonderful boutiques we have here on Pearl Street. If you’re an exercise fanatic like myself, you might enjoy some of the warm workout clothes from Athleta or prAna. Lastly, top it off with a warm coat, hat, and gloves from Patagonia and stylish snow boots from Savvy. For all those ski and snowboarding buffs out there, check out stores like Volcom and Meta Skate for outdoor wear as well as Zeal for awesome eye wear.


2. Drink warm beverages. As a caffeine-addict, I can’t go a day without my cup of joe. The chilly January temperatures increase my want need for coffee, not just for the caffeine, but for the heat. We’re lucky enough to live in a place that provides us with so many unique coffee options. The Unseen Bean is one of my personal favorites. Their unique flavors and customized beverages make it a great place to enjoy coffee and relax on a snowy day. Laughing Goat is a lively place full of fun people! With delicious food and beverage options and live entertainment every night, a good time is almost guaranteed. The Cup is a great coffee place on East End; perfect for a snowy afternoon full of warm coffee, tasty food, homework, and snowfall. There are so many delicious coffee shops in and around the area; I dare you to try them all!

3. Stay hydrated. This one definitely caught me by surprise. It is scientifically proven that water is actually amazing for your body heat. The more water you have circulating your body, the easier it is for your body to stay warm. So bring a reusable water bottle to work or school with you and refill it throughout the day in order to stay hydrated! Make sure to check out stores like Athleta or University Bikes for trendy and reusable water bottles.

4. Stay warm and dry inside. Although some days it simply isn't possible, staying inside in the heat and comfort of my apartment is my favorite way to stay warm! My friends and I prefer to spend those days watching movies, trying new arts and crafts projects, and learning how to cook on our own. In a family setting, what could be better than pulling out a classic board game and enjoying the heat with your loved ones. Other fun indoor activities include:

That's all for now folks! I hope these tips provide you with a little help in order to survive these next few months. Bundle up, Boulderites!

-Danielle (intern)


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Help me, help you stay fit and warm this winter!

Posted on January 21, 2015

First things first, let me introduce myself, I am one of the two lovely new Downtown Boulder interns for Spring 2015! My name is Chloe, and I’m originally a California girl. In 2011 I made the move to Boulder and I’ve been in love ever since. Now a senior at CU Boulder, I’ve had my fair share of authentic Colorado winters. Coming into my fourth snowy season, I’ve got the most basic winter “How To’s” down, like how to not slip on campus and the dire importance of layering. In realizing that winter was no longer going to be 75 degrees and sunny, I knew I needed to find a new and exciting way to workout indoors that actually worked (especially since Boulder has been voted one of the fittest cities in the country!). I decided to do some research, and here’s what I came up with:

BOCO fit was voted ‘Boulder’s Most Efficient Workout’ in 2013; so obviously, I had to look into it! The entire workout takes place in a studio, which is perfect when it’s below 30 degrees and snowing outside. The workout itself consists of a mixture of constant tension with slow controlled movements, as well as cardio and strength training. In other words, it’s a great way to burn a whole lot of calories in an appropriate amount of time rather than goofing off on the elliptical twice a week at the Rec Center and calling it your ‘workout’. Also, your first class is free, which means you really have no excuse but to get your fitness-loving self into the studio for at least one try. If, and when, you fall in love with BOCO fit, there are a bunch of different payment plans to choose from, which all can be found on their website.

We all know that in order to maintain that toned tummy, eating healthy on top of that sweaty workout is not just recommended, it’s mandatory. While looking at BOCO fit’s website, I noticed their partnership with Conscious Cleanse, another downtown Boulder based company that promotes the healthy lifestyle we all hope to maintain until bikini season rolls back around. Conscious Cleanse works with several downtown businesses including BOCO fit, Zeal Foods and Alfalfas! Here’s their mission statement:

“Conscious Cleanse hopes to provide simple ways to help you flourish in your own body so you can access true healing. Jules and Jo will call forth your vibrant self so that you can live your best life.”





It seems like Jules and Jo know what they’re talking about because not only do they uphold a stellar reputation, their success stories are a force to be reckon with. Now, here comes BOCO fit and Zeal Food's relationship with the key to a vibrant life. BOCO fit is helping promote the company's 14 day cleanse. Trust me, I know the word ‘cleanse’ is intimidating, but bear with me. Our girls, Jules and Jo, have introduced a four step process that will help in your journey to a smaller jean size. Along with these guidelines, you’re given an inspirational coach to keep you away from those cookies your roommate just whipped up and connections to others in the community going through the same process! Zeal Foods will also be there to support your Conscious Cleanse by offering what they're calling 'Food for Enthusiasts'. Zeal Chef's Arik and Wayde are striving to make their restaurant a haven for those actively participating in the cleanse. Sounds like a win, win, win if you ask me.

As I've come to realize, Boulderites love finding their zen. With this being said, if the cleanse challenge is not at all what you're interested in doing and BOCO fit's regime seems a bit too intense, look no further than Amana Yoga. This studio is special because they refer to themselves as a 'resource' to their students. They believe their purpose is to serve "the conscious explorers, the movers and the shakers, the ski bums and the vintage adventurers." Yoga goers on any level will find relaxation as well as a good workout within the studio walls of Amana, which could be a perfect fit for your 2015 Winter season. 

So don’t hesitate. Kick winter's butt and get yours in shape NOW!! I know you want to. 

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Shopping Local during the Holiday Season in Boulder, Colorado

Posted on November 25, 2014

Expedia Viewfinder partnered with Downtown Boulder to showcase some of the older and newer locally owned shops open for business this season.

’Tis the season for holiday shopping at small, local businesses. At Expedia Viewfinder, we believe in supporting the local community during our travels, and purchasing local goods is an easy way to do so. Choosing to shop local is a socially responsible decision. It helps serve the community by reducing environmental impacts, supporting non-profit organizations, and creating local jobs.

As buyers begin drafting their holiday wish lists, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to partner with Downtown Boulder to highlight some of its locally owned shops. From one of the oldest family-run business in town, Starr’s Clothing, to two of the more recent additions to the shopping scene, Island Farm and Cedar & Hyde Mercantile, there are a number of boutiques downtown where visitors can stock up on unique gifts, apparel, and accessories this winter:

Starr's Clothing Co.

Starr's Clothing Co. is located on Pearl Street’s East End. Family-owned for four generations, Starr's has been a Colorado favorite since 1914. Back in the day, the shop sold work clothes for miners and trendy attire for residents, and today it presents a variety of “lifestyle clothing.” Starr's was one of the first jean stores for women in Boulder in the early 1980s, and denim continues to be a large part of their signature style offerings. Celebrating its 100th year in business, the seasoned shop has maintained its friendly service and wide selection of goods over the years, appealing to generations of customers looking to embrace Colorado’s casual yet cool lifestyle.

Island Farm

Opened in April 2013, Island Farm is an exciting addition to the shopping scene downtown. Inspired by the alluring ambience of Martha's Vineyard, this youthful shop strives to offer one-of-a-kind items that stir up a sense of nostalgia. Gathering goods from trips to antique shops, flea markets, and trade shows around the world, the buyers at Island Farm have brought a global selection of nostalgic goodness to the Pearl Street Mall. Browse the original jewelry, home décor, accessories, and apparel, which exude effortless, whimsical style at this new shop in town.


Cedar & Hyde Mercantile

In October 2013, sisters Christie and Poss Lambert opened Cedar & Hyde Mercantile. As one of the newer storefronts in downtown Boulder’s West End district, it features a variety of items, from regional drink mixes, jewelry, stationary, and skincare products to American-made denim and exquisite Turkish rugs. Inspiration for their ethically made goods comes from wood, cedar, hide, and other natural materials. Cedar & Hyde is a true mercantile in that it offers an assortment of events in addition to its large product selection. The newly opened shop hosts wine tastings, calligraphy workshops, trunk shows, and even happy hours for moms. Head down to 10th Street in downtown Boulder’s West End to find some unique treasures and holiday gifts.

While traveling in Boulder this winter, beeline to a wonderful variety of locally owned shops in downtown to find trinkets and treasures for all your holiday shopping needs. From the perfect stocking stuffers to ideal gifts for eight days of celebration, these small businesses won’t disappoint.

Expedia Staff Writer

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Making Downtown Even Awesomer!

Posted on September 24, 2014

If you're reading this blog, then you probably have a special place in your heart for Boulder. If you love Boulder, then you would probably like to see it be made even more awesome (even though we all know it is pretty awesome already).

That's where Awesome Foundation Boulder comes in to play. Awesome Boulder funds projects that make Boulder more awesome by making it an even happier and cooler place to live. Each month, Awesome Boulder's trustees give $1,000 to a project that they select from their pool of applicants. 

The best thing about Awesome Boulder grants? -- Anyone can apply!

Awesome Boulder has been going on for 31 months, which means $31,000 for 31 different, awesome, local projects. It all started with Dean of Trustees Brandon Line, who learned about the Awesome Foundation from an National Public Radio series related to philanthropy, and decided to bring the idea to Boulder.

When I first heard about Awesome Boulder, I had a lot of questions, so I touched base with Brandon to learn more:


Who are the Awesome Boulder trustees?

"Friends, friends of friends, former grant recipients. Really, anyone who wants to hang out with us ;)"

What are you looking for in the projects that you pick (besides Awesomeness)?

"We like projects where we can make a real difference. If it's a big project with a big budget where we won't have a meaningful impact, we tend to shy away. Broadly, we like projects that can be openly experienced by all in our community. We do look at the timeliness... we may favor a more immediate project over a great project that is planned several months out

We especially like truly unique, extraordinary - awesome - projects that are not easily labeled"

Awesome Boulder has funded several projects that took place in the downtown area including a Boulder Startup Week event at BMoCA, the Bridge House Humanity project, and the World is a Gallery project. 

  • Arts Event during Boulder Startup Week: This free and open to the public event involved acting out stories of local startup history.
  • Bridge House Humanity project: The goal of the project is to generate awareness using photography as a medium to explore similarities and differences of how housed and homeless people live in Boulder. Individuals were selected from both the housed and homeless communities to photograph snapshots of their daily lives.
    "The Humanity Project plays to a purer definition of 'awesome' - something extraordinary that challenges your context."
  • World is a Gallery project: Photos from photographer Andrew Kurcan were hung in random places around the city of Boulder including the downtown area. The goal was to provide a small respite from an otherwise chaotic day.

What's next for Awesome Boulder?

Awesome Boulder is hosting its annual BBQ this Friday at dojo4 to engage with the community and reveal their next project.

"The BBQ encapsulates what Awesome Boulder is all about - community - and coming together with friends and family. The highlight of the BBQ is that we always invite the past year's grant recipients to come and talk about their projects."

Currently, Awesome Boulder has two projects in the works (one on the CU Campus and one in North Boulder): Sabes Quien Soy and Art at the Armory 2.0

What's the "catch"?

There are only 3 requirements for your project to be considered -- it must happen in Boulder, be completed within one month, and be awesome. Now let's see what you can do with $1,000!

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The Perfect Way to Welcome Fall

Posted on September 15, 2014

There's no doubt about it: Fall is a special time of year, especially in Boulder. The leaves here turn to warm hues of red and orange just before the legendary Boulder winds rip them from their branches, and sun dresses and shorts turn to snuggly sweaters. Downtown Boulder's Fall Fest is really the perfect way to celebrate this majestic changing of the season and I'll tell you why...

1: Fall means cold weather is coming and that means more time spent indoors, a taboo for most Boulderites. Fall Fest is a chance to make inside spaces more welcoming and even naturey-feeling by purchasing beautiful art pieces to adorn those empty walls and shelves. Avoid going stir-crazy by personalizing your indoor space and making it somewhere that you want to hang out.

Credit to Phil Lewis

Many Fall Fest artists are local to Colorado, such as Boulder favorite Phil Lewis. Phil Lewis is known for distinguishable style of art which is especially evident in his piece, "The Flatirons" that adorns the walls of dorm rooms, houses, and businesses throughout the Boulder community.

Credit to Megan Morgan at Strange Bird Designs

Each Fall Fest artist is completely unique, such as Louisville artist and owner of Strange Bird Designs Megan Morgan. Megan is especially focused on a special type of art that that she calls "Coffee Art Print" in which she stretches burlap coffee bags over frames and then draws on them using oil pastels, paint, and stencils.

2: I could spend the entire day talking about all of the amazing art that is going to be available at Fall Fest but that just wouldn't give you a sense of the breadth or depth of this event. The art is incredible but there is so much more to see and do! The Fall Fest Children's Carnival includes all sorts of fun rides and activities for kids to unleash that boundless energy in an outdoor arena.


With an obstacle course, bungee basketball, WoW (walk on water) Bubbles​​, jousting, and more, I'm almost tempted to kid-out for the day and try some of these attractions myself. And don't miss the Face Painting booth! The unlimited ride wrist band available on Friday night for $15 (excludes WoW Bubbles) is a good way to fend off the onset of cabin fever during the cold months by letting the young ones go crazy.

3: There's going to be plenty of music at Fall Fest, from acoustic rock to reggae, and plenty to drink! Let's face it, Boulderites are a thirsty crowd and we love our live music. Kicking back a Rio margarita or a beer from Avery while listening to funky new tunes from a Colorado artist is the best way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

The Fall Fest music lineup has something for everyone, which is what makes it so perfect for the eclectic tastes of Boulder music lovers. From Lesley and the Flying  Foxes (pictured above) for the little ones enjoyment to 12 piece Colorado funk sensation, Funkiphino, there truly is no limit to the variety of music (and art) at Fall Fest.

4: Get out and get social with the entire Boulder community! I've said it once and I'll say it again- the community here in Boulder is something special, and that's because of all of the incredible people that make it up. Fall Fest is your one stop for art, music, and especially mingling with members of the community that we are all a part of.

For Buffs fans, don't miss the Pearl Street Stampede (aka pep rally) on Friday at 7 pm. It will start on the 1300 block and head West.

Go Buffs!


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