Posted on October 7, 2015

Foxy - Autumn Industry Night at Fjallraven Boulder (Get Outdoors!)

Happy October everyone! The Orangiest month of all is finally here, and so are all the tasty, warm, festivities that belong to Autumn. This week I had the pleasure to attend yet another great work-related event, as Fjallraven hosted their Autumn Industry Eve at their downtown store location. As the evening’s chilly air and darker skies start to creep in a little sooner each week, I appreciate Autumn festivities such as these even more.

Walking into the cozy store, I was instantly greeted by the sweet warm smell of the leather merchandise and outdoor ware. All around the walls hung photographs of breathtaking Swedish landscapes. I even spotted a little sign with the captions “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” Coming to the United States for college from Norway, this resonated with me as I have heard this Scandinavian saying countless times growing up. Though these words may not be particularly true for Boulder and our 300 days a year of sunshine,  it is most certainly true for the cold and dark winter months back home in Scandinavia. Seeing this sign made me think of home, as this is a popular saying people use all the time to excuse the absurd weather. Making my way around the store I realized it was filled with the best of the outdoor industry’s insiders, as people snacked on appetizers provided by The Kitchen and sipped on beverages by The Bitter Bar. I had the chance to talk with other downtown insiders such as Zeal Optic, Wonder Press, and a new personal favorite of mine also reminding me much of home; Alpine Modern. Events like these are what truly create an inclusive and personal community downtown, and I was very happy to get to be a part of it!  

In other news the office has been busy as usual, I’ve been working on updating the dates and events for our new 2016 Downtown Boulder Guide Book (see 2015 version here) as well as my usual intern duties. Our next upcoming event will be the Munchkin Masquerade held on Halloween! This will be a great family event, as kids are encouraged to come downtown with their parents to trick or treat in our spooky-fun stores between 2 and 4 pm. Till next time, enjoy those pumpkin lattes, and make sure you get outdoors to smell those leaves changing!    

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Java Jives

Posted on September 30, 2015

Java Jives - Downtown's Favorite Coffee Shops

Hello my fellow Boulder-lovers! As many of you may know, yesterday was International Coffee Day. Because I happen to be a coffee enthusiast and addict I’d like to give a shout-out to all our amazing coffee shops downtown! Our countless hours of work and play wouldn’t be the same without that warm, delicious, liquid bean in a cup to help us keep on pushing.  In honor of this week’s international coffee holiday, I’ve put together a list of my absolute favorite coffee destinations downtown, complete with reasons to love them. Enjoy!

OZO Coffee

1015 Pearl St.

LOVE IT: Ok, I’ll admit it. Having had the pleasure of working for this amazing local company it’s safe to say I’m a little biased. But what’s not to love? OZO does all their roasting and brewing locally here in Boulder, supporting our community and job market! Their mocha menu is so creative you’ll have a tough time picking your new favorite chocolate-inspired beverage.

DRINK IT UP: The Loch Ness Mocha. Dark chocolate, Irish cream, and mint. Enough said!

Boxcar Coffee Roasters

1825 Pearl St.

LOVE IT: I’m absolutely obsessed with Boxcar. Local owners Vajra and Cara Rich’s passion for coffee perfectly complements the gourmet meats and cheeses found at Cured, the small grocery by local foodies Will and Coral Frischkorn. Together the couples share this amazing space, giving their customers the opportunity to pick up a delicatessen sandwich or dinner with your coffee order!  

DRINK IT UP: Their house latte done right

Laughing Goat Coffeehouse

1709 Pearl St.

LOVE IT: The Laughing Goat is that special place where I can either meet up with friends for a glass of wine and a free concert on the weekends, or drop in for a study date with myself and a hot coffee.

DRINK IT UP: Chai Latte

Trident Booksellers and Café

940 Pearl St.

LOVE IT: Trident has been around for over 30 years, a true West End staple. Their cozy warm atmosphere reminds me of this little coffee shop I love in downtown London. At Trident you can dream yourself away browsing through an amazing travel section.

DRINK IT UP: For the not-so-caffeine oriented beverage lover, Trident provides an amazing tea selection.

Woody Creek Bakery & Café

1207 Pearl St.

LOVE IT: Woody Creek is one of our office favorites. Located right across the walking mall from our headquarters we head into Woody for coffee, cookies, or a bite to eat on a daily basis. Great sandwich and wrap selections from their brand new menu, along with  yummy coffees and teas!

DRINK IT UP: China Black Iced Tea 

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Pumpkins and Pirates

Posted on September 23, 2015

Pumpkins & Pirates - recap of Fall Fest & looking forward to Fashion!

This week’s been especially busy as we recap the eventful weekend with Fall Fest. The festivities were amazing, as people from all over the world sipped margaritas and beer while listening to some awesome tunes from our local bands and enjoyed street foods while browsing artist exhibits and vendors. I worked in the visitors center most of Friday evening, checking in traveling artists, and volunteers for the event. I was quite exhausted by the end of Friday, but that didn’t stop me from returning with some friends on Saturday night to enjoy the festivities on my leisure time. It ended up turning into quite the adventure!

Picture it: an Uber driver drops off three lovely ladies on the corner of Pearl and Broadway.  Despite the air’s Autumn crispness, the girls are dressed in dresses and heels, accompanied with a warmer-than-summer-jacket, and some colorful scarfs complete the “it’s kinda Fall but I still wanna wear a dress” look. The streets are filled with people laughing and joking around, making their way to and from Fall Fest festivities. As the three of us make our way through the crowd, my friend stumbles upon a sword in her face. Yes, you read it right, a sword! As her frightened eyes make their way to the sword’s owner, her confused expression turns into a foolish grin. The sword belonged to a pirate with boots up past his knees. In a matter of moments, the three of us find ourselves surrounded by pirates in every direction.

“I wanna be a pirate too,” exclaims my other friend, holding her beer up in a unison cheers with the pirates ‘swords.’ To my complete surprise, this request was met with much joy and praise. “Follow me!” says an elderly pirate woman as she grabs the hems of her long red dress and secures her pirate hat with the other. We make our way over to a more secluded area  of the mall where she reaches into her leather pouch and exposes a crumpled up piece of paper. A treasure map?! I thought, but no. It was even better. In her hand she held the official pirate oath song. “Sing this loud and proud and put your right hand over your heart,” she instructed. A few minutes later, we had become sworn into the pirate clan with the help of three plastic swords.

Needless to say, Fall Fest was quite the adventure! Hopefully you got the chance to make it down to Pearl Street for some of it, but if not, never fear. Downtown Boulder’s next big event Fashions Night Downtown is coming up this Saturday! But don’t let the name fool you…the runway show starts at 2 pm in front of the county courthouse. After the show, over 20 retailers are hosting special in-store events! So whether or not you missed Fall Fest, or had an absolute blast meeting pirates and dancing to our bands, this Saturday you’ll have the opportunity to experience yet another unforgettable downtown adventure.

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Attention Fashionistas, Fashion's Night Downtown 2015

Posted on September 17, 2015

Fashion's Night Downtown 2015

Attention all fashionistas (or anyone looking for something fun to do next weekend)… Saturday, September 26 from 2:00-5:00 PM come join us on Pearl Street Mall for Fashion’s Night Out Downtown Boulder and check out this coming Fall’s latest trends. Whether we like it or not, Fall is right around the corner so why not ease into the season in style?

Fashion’s Night Downtown will give you a first look at all your favorite stores’ newest Fall fashions. If a free fashion show isn’t reason enough, over 20 stores will be holding an exclusive in-store shopping event following the show. This year we have an impressive variety of stores involved. Some of the events you can look forward to include, Buffalo Exchange (my favorite thrift store ever), who will be hosting pop-up shop featuring local designer Amee Hinkley, owner of Ashe & Ore and an in-store DJ to make your shopping experience that much more fun. American Apparel, Island Farm, Savvy on Pearl, along with many others will be offering special deals during the event. And for those of you that are obsessed with Steve Madden’s Freebird collection as much as I am, you can look forward to a debut of the exclusive Freebird by Steven Styles at their store on Pearl.

Now pick out your favorite Fall outfit, or if you’re someone who’s planning on stopping by after your weekly Saturday hike, come on down in your shorts and hiking boots (this is Boulder after all). I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

- Gabrielle (Your point person for all things FND)

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New Beginnings -Fall; More Than Just Leaves Changing

Posted on September 14, 2015

New Beginnings -Fall; More Than Just Leaves Changing 

As Pearl Streets’ leaves turn vibrant shades of orange and red, and the summer tourists snap their last shots of the Flatirons, the Boulderites are left to settle into the new beautiful season. Whatever Fall may have in store, we can all agree that a change of pace and temperature can be as refreshing as change itself. As Downtown Boulder’s new Marketing and Communication Intern, I couldn’t be more excited about this new beginning and this season’s adventures to come. Colorful scarves, football games, and that first drizzle of the season’s snow are the sprinkles to my pumpkin spiced latte, warming my hands as I head into Downtown Boulder Inc. office. Settling into my intern desk each morning, I can’t help but wonder what today’s varying tasks may entail. I never know whether I’ll be snapping photos, contacting local restaurants or shops, learning about new events, or running around Pearl on a special mission.

This semester also happens to be my final semester of college. I can’t believe it! The idea of no longer having a stack of syllabi telling me what to be doing is mind boggling…which is why my new internship with Downtown Boulder serves as the perfect catalyst for the big-girl-world that awaits me just beyond the horizon. Part of growing up and joining the real world that this internship has exposed me to is attending networking events while enjoying big-girl beverages and delicious finger foods. Last week I had the pleasure of attending an End of the Summer work get-together with my new office colleagues from the downtown community. Hosted at the big bosses home, I got to nibble on Pasta Jay’s catering and sip delicious wine, all while enjoying the beautiful patio and garden landscaping in one of Boulder’s cutest neighborhoods. On our way there, Chelsea and I stopped by Cured to pick up two fully loaded cheese and meats platters for the party. Pasta Jay’s and treats from Cured? I was in absolute heaven. These are two of my favorite restaurants downtown, a guilty-pleasure splurge on a college-girl budget.

The end of summer can seem rather bitter sweet with the pools closing, homework piling back up, and the days growing shorter and nights longer. However my work with Downtown Boulder gives me confidence that though the summer may be ending, the fun is most certainly not. With many Fall events coming up for the month, finding great ways to spend weekends in the crisp colorful weather is a no brainer. I’ve been answering phone calls all day concerning this weekend’s Fall Fest. I’m so excited to be part of this three day event, featuring local food, microbrews, music, vendors and artisan booths as well as children’s entertainment and activities all right here on the mall. Come join me and my new Downtown Boulder friends as we serve up colorful festivities all weekend long!   

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