Who Knew Libraries Could Be So Cool?

Posted on July 30, 2014

Who would have thought a library would be such a cool place to go? I mean seriously, who would ever say, "hey guys, let's go hang out at the library!" Well that was until NOW. The Boulder Public library has created a wonderful new place just for teens, and it provides so much more than just books. 

The new Teen Space at the Boulder Public Library encourages teens from 6th to 12th grade to come hang out in the coolest spot in Boulder! From jamming out on Guitar Hero to creating something on a 3D printer to playing World of Warcraft, the Teen Space really has it all. In developing this space, the library met with a bunch of teens with a variety of interests to create a place that provided something for everyone. The Teen Librarian, Crystal, is a passionate woman who brings great enthusiasm and creative ideas to the space! She was so helpful and excited when giving us this tour, and I am confident she is going to turn this space into something incredible. 


Some things you can do in the Teen Room:

  • Play the guitar, record and edit tracks
  • Surf the Internet
  • Use the 3D Printer
  • Make crafts like jewelry, dream catchers, or knitting 
  • Play Guitar Hero, and other Wii games
  • Play board games
  • Record videos
  • Lounge in a comfortable recliner
  • Play computer games
  • Read books and magazines
  • Paint


Being a teenager is tough! Your facial hair starts to grow in, your parents just "don't understand you," and you have to decide on a college soon... All these things can be stressful, and this new Teen Space is the perfect escape. Literally, an escape, adults (and parents, ha!) and young kids are not even allowed in! This Teen Space is homey, bright, friendly, inspires creativity, and makes going to the library an unforgettable experience.

The Teen Space is located on the second floor of the library, on the Northeast corner of the Boulder Public Library. Come check it out today!

Boulder, CO: The Best of the Best

Posted on July 10, 2014

BOULDER, CO: Top City for Well-Being, Foodiest City in America, Most Bike-Friendly City, Happiest and Healthiest City, Best College Town in America, Most-Vegan Friendly City, Best City for Start-Ups... The list goes on. And on. And on. It seems like Boulder has won more accolades than any other city in America for its recreation, culture, health, business climate and overall quality of life. DUH. We all know Boulder is the closest thing to heaven on earth, and there are definitely enough articles to prove it. 

(If you want to know exactly what I mean, take a look at the city's insanely long list of accolades.

Every time I get on the computer, Boulder has won another award or topped another "best of" list. And every time I see this, I am damn proud. Not only because I love making out-of-state friends & relatives jealous (which I do)  but also because I feel so so lucky that I get to live, eat, work, explore, hike and learn in such a wonderful city. 




To me, Boulder is so much more than all of those lists can say. Boulder is a vibrant, bustling town with the most colorful assortment of people and shops. There are countless start-ups and locally owned, independent businesses. Boulder is people watching. Nowhere else can you sit for hours entertained by the eclectic Pearl Street passerbys. Boulder is sunshine and happiness. There really are over 300 days of sunshine a year here! (Even when it's 4 degrees and dumping snow, you can bet the sun will be shining.) But Boulder is also ridiculous weather. It was 70 degrees on my birthday in January and I went on a hike, and I took a spring final in May wearing my winter parka and snowboots. Boulder is trudging through feet of snow when your friends on the East Coast got a snow day with four inches. Boulder is FOOD. (You knew this was coming.) From the best nationally ranked restaurants to quick delicious bites under $5, Boulder, especially downtown Boulder, has it all, and then some. What could be better than spending a day in Downtown Boulder?

Boulder is the best college town on EARTH. Which means going to school here gives more than an education, but an incredible experience. Boulder is the best place to come home to. Boulder is my lifelong friends and roommates. Boulder is my parents visiting every other week, not for me, but because they love the happy hours so much. Boulder is healthiness & fitness.... and feeling peer pressured to be active. It is huffing and puffing a hike on the flatirons and glaring at the runners whizzing by in far better shape than you. Boulder is happenin'. From nightlife to free outdoor concerts to beer festivals to parades on Pearl Street.... There is never a dull moment in this city, and we have the jam-packed event calendar to prove it. Boulder is home.

Living in Boulder is like living in a postcard. There's sunshine in the sky and ice cream in my hand and today is wonderful. How could anyone want to live anywhere else??

Happy Thursday friends!

Sammie (the intern)

Celebrate America's Birthday in Downtown Boulder!

Posted on July 3, 2014

It's almost time for everyone's favorite day of summer... The 4th of July! There's no better place to celebrate America's Birthday than in Downtown Boulder! In fact, Business Insider just named Boulder, CO as the 5th best city to celebrate Independence Day in America! Click here to read the full article. We couldn't agree more! 

Hotel Boulderado Celebrating Independence Day!

Here's a comprehensive list of not-to-be missed spots in Downtown Boulder on Independence Day this year:
West End Tavern will open at 11:30AM, grilling traditional American BBQ favorites and serving specialty USA beverages all day long! Don't miss their signature Red, White and Blue Cocktails: The Pop Rocks Cocktail, Watermelon Cooler, American Dream Whiskey Flight. West End Tavern will also be serving a famous house made hot dog, as well as their traditional comfort food favorites. Banjo Billy will be providing FREE rides to Folsom Field for all their guests dining at WET! It doesn't get much more American than hot dogs, red white and blue cocktails and riding in an old-school bus to a firework show... 
Pop Rocks Cocktail at West End Tavern 
What could be better than backyard games and burgers fresh off the BBQ on the St Julien Hotel lawn? Add live music by Honeycomb and all-you-can-eat American favorites for $24.95 per person, and it sounds like the perfect day! Band will play from 6-9PM. Regular Happy Hour from 4-6PM in the lobby and back patio. 
Traditional backyard Games on the St Julien lawn
Goldmine Vintage has everything you need to get decked out for the holiday. Selection changes daily, so make sure to stop by and grab some vintage American swag! Also, don't miss The Ritz Costume Shop with plenty of Red, White and Blue wigs, sunglasses, beaded necklaces and hats! American Apparel has a limited quantity of Stars and Stripes Leggings with red and white stripes on one leg and blue and white stars on the other... HELLO, 4th of July outfit... check! 
Window Display at The Ritz          American Flag Leggings at American Apparel
Ride the HOP for free from Downtown Boulder up to Folsom Field for Ralphie's Independence Day Blast. Gates open at 8:00PM, bands start at 8:30PM. Fireworks will being at approximately 9:40PM, or whenever it's dark. 
Ralphie's Independence Day Blast at Folsom Field
Want to watch the fireworks but skip the crowds in the stadium? There are PLENTY of great viewing spots in Downtown Boulder. Check out some of Boulder's most famous rooftop restaurants; The Rio Grande, Absinthe House, The West End Tavern or The Lazy DogRemember all City of Boulder Parking Garages are FREE on the 4th of July!
Don't miss our Pinterest board with plenty of other ideas for festivities in Downtown Boulder!

If you can't tell, tomorrow is definitely my favorite holiday! -Natalie 


Happy Independents* Day!

Posted on July 2, 2014

July 4 is Independence Day, or as we like to call it, Independents Day (or Week)! This is a time not only to celebrate our country, but also to celebrate the independent business owners that are the backbone of our wonderful country.

Independents Week is an annual campaign to engage local independent businesses and citizens in celebrating entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom that our local businesses embody. Independents Week also is an occasion to recognize small businesses' contributions to the community--and to affirm citizens' role in shaping their community’s future.

As Americans we have the right to make independent decisions. We can be self sufficient, we are free from outside control, we get to decide if we want to eat gummy bears for dinner. So let's make the independent decision to support independent businesses this week...(well that's a tongue twister)! Studies show that buying from an independent, locally owned business benefits the community on many levels, including boosting the economy, creating jobs, and reducing environmental impacts. 

Downtown Boulder is home to many independently owned restaurants, shops, salons, and stores. Over 85% of downtown's businesses are independently owned! These businesses exemplify the uniqueness and individuality of the Boulder community. The business owners are our friends and neighbors, so let's take this week to celebrate them!

Each business has their own unique story. From Rich and Norma Trevino who manage the West End Salon in memory of their late daughter, to Sarah Amorese all the way to the European flair, Piece, Love, and Chocolate, or even at Farfel's Farm where Jeff and Sandy rescue 353 dogs per year, the local businesses in Boulder are truly extraordinary. To learn more interesting facts and tidbits about your favorite Downtown Boulder business, check out our Small Business Spotlights!

So what can YOU do to help? We encourage you to go local, and to support as many independently owned businesses as possible.

Join thousands of other business owners and consumers to celebrate independence, and independents!

Source: American Independent Business Alliance, a non-profit organization helping communities build and sustain a thriving independent business community. Read more. 

Sammie (the intern)

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Bands on the Bricks, Through the Intern's Eyes

Posted on June 18, 2014

The first Bands on the Bricks concert of the summer was a huge success! Despite the ominous storm earlier in the day, a huge crowd came to support the local favorite band, The Samples.

My dad is a huge fan of this band, so I must admit I had my doubts (I am still refusing to admit that my father and I could possibly have similar taste in music). But they rocked the house! Well, the mall. 

I knew the night was going to be a blast immediately when I got to the VIP pre-party for DBI members at ReMax because they had catered food from Cured. (I'm a sucker for charcuterie, especially when it's free!) I had never eaten at Cured before, and really enjoyed (and ate my weight in) the meat and cheese assortments. With salami breath and a full stomach, I was ready to take on the rest of the night at Bands on the Bricks.

I was given the task of serving beer with the Sanitas Brewing Co. crew. I thought, "OK, this can't be that hard, I've been to a fraternity before..." WRONG. An hour later I was up to my ankles in beer. Sandals were definitely the wrong choice of footwear for the night. I was in such a frenzy serving beer as fast as I could, jumping around trying to save my sandals. One man cut the line and kindly stated that he was in the band, and asked for a drink really quickly. Ugh, buddy, nice try, that's the oldest trick in the book. But I went ahead and gave him a beer anyway, thinking I got duped. Well, turns out he was in the band afterall, I saw him rocking out onstage and we shared an air high-five. (awkward situation narrowly avoided, phew)

People of all ages, shapes, and sizes came out for Band on the Bricks, truly showing the diversity of the Boulder community. From dads with young daughters on their shoulders, to a retired couple swing dancing, to the college kids sharing a beer with friends, it was quite the crowd, and quite a fun time.

If great music, laughter, cold beer, delicious food carts, and dancing on a warm summer night sounds appealing to you, join us!  From oldies to alternative and everything in between, Bands on the Bricks is Boulder County's premiere outdoor summer concert series taking place in the heart of the city on the bricks of the one-and-only Pearl Street Mall. Bands perform every Wednesday at 7:00 pm through August 13th. For the schedule and performers, click here. 

Hope to see you all at the next Bands on the Bricks! (I'll be the intern with beer in my shoes, trying not to anger any band members)

Sammie (the intern)


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