St. Patrick's Day

Posted on March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Downtown Boulder! 

Don't let St. Patrick's Day on a Monday stop you from celebrating. This morning, Conor O'Neills, welcomed Irish Step Dancers to the stage! 



If you missed out on the festivities or are just looking to continue the celebration, make sure and head over to West End Tavern! You can catch more Irish Dancers at 7PM along with food and drink specials featuring your favorite traditional Irish meals. 


Hope to see you there! 


- Molly (The Intern) 

My Crash Course in All Things Downtown Boulder

Posted on February 27, 2014

Oh, hello there!

Kierra, here! As you may or may not know already, I have been here at Downtown Boulder for the week and it has been an awesome experience! I’m not sure how much Intern Molly has told you, so here’s a little blurb about me: I am a Denverite, born and raised, although you might not guess that were you to solely base that guess on my body’s increasing intolerance to these Colorado winters. It’s quite sad, really – although, I suppose it’s only normal, considering that I attend Pepperdine University eight months out of the year in Malibu, a place devoid of any signs that four seasons actually exist in our world (there was that one time that I saw a single leaf fall from a palm tree). Make no mistake, though; rain or shine (blizzard or flash summer, more appropriately), when I found out that I had the opportunity to participate in a week long marketing internship in Boulder, I knew I had to apply! There’s no place quite like Colorado, in my 100% correct opinion, and if there is one city that I regret having not explored as much as I should have, it’s Boulder. You can imagine my excitement when Terri Takata-Smith, Downtown Boulder's Director of Marketing and my wonderful “externship” host, informed me that my first assignment was to accompany Intern Molly on a tour of the entire Downtown Boulder area.

We grabbed our purses and stepped out on to Pearl Street (fortunately, it was one of Colorado’s happy days and we were comfortable in our light jackets). Where to go first? I looked across the street from our suite on Broadway and saw Ku Cha House of Tea, a lovely little place where I had a tea with a dear friend; beyond that and the Starbucks down the street, I can honestly say I haven’t been much anywhere on Pearl Street. So we started walking down towards the West End and thought we’d circle back around. Our first stop was at Island Farm to drop off some brochures; we then made our way past the “bricks,” as Molly referred to Pearl Street (local jargon, yes!). Molly is an awesome tour guide, and she was careful to point out some of the famous eating spots – Rio and Pasta Jay’s, I’m coming for you soon, and I’m bringing friends!

Speaking of places where you want to bring everyone and their moms… Piece, Love & Chocolate? Tears of joy, people. I was ready to end the tour right then and there and spend the afternoon devouring all chocolate in sight, but alas, there was so much more to see!

We then headed over to Two Hands Paperie, a gorgeously arranged shop selling every thing made out of paper that you could ever want. Yet again, I could have spent the entire day in this store. That’s the beauty of Downtown Boulder; every place is a little treasure chest, and you can see the hard work that these business owners put into perfectly placing each item so that each patron leaves their stores having embarked on his/her own mini scavenger hunt.

As we headed back down the West End and onto the bricks, I could not help but notice some interesting features popping out from my surroundings. Wow, literally everyone is wearing Patagonia and North Face jackets, I thought. And I’ve never seen so many Subaru Outbacks in my life… I brought it up to Molly and she chuckled knowingly. Apparently owning a Subaru isn’t as cool where she is from; quite the different story here in Boulder! Even as a Colorado native, it really is a funny thing to see these harmless stereotypes come to life, especially since I know many residents that proudly don their active gear whenever they get the chance. Such lively culture in Boulder– so diverse and yet everyone is somehow bound by a mutual love for food, the outdoors, and experiencing life to its fullest!

I am still in awe of just how many businesses fit into this 49-block area. I feel as if there is still so much more to explore, but I think we made a decent dent in the feat! Walking down into the East End, Molly introduced me to gems like the hipster hangout that is The Cup, the classic wine and cheese shop with an earthy twist called Cured, and Starr's Clothing Co., a.k.a. my dream closet. One of my favorites was definitely Bliss, a huge boutique that will have you convinced that you accidentally walked into Pinterest. It had this intentional messiness about it – that same scavenger hunt feel that I mentioned before.

Now that I think about it, almost all of the businesses we visited share this quality, and it’s a quality that I deeply appreciate about Downtown Boulder. Every store is a fun conglomeration of things from all over the world; each item is uniquely awesome on its own, and yet somehow even more awesome when they’re all gathered together in one place.

Hmm… that reminds me of a city I’ve been to recently. :)

Thanks for reading!

-    Kierra (The Temporary Intern)

Thank you to everyone at Downtown Boulder for having me and making this week one to remember!

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The Intern's Guide to Downtown

Posted on February 26, 2014

The best part of loving where you live is showing it off. In a place like Boulder, the “showing off” is easy to do. This week at Downtown Boulder, we have Kierra visiting from Pepperdine. Kierra is a Colorado native, although somewhat of a rookie to Pearl Street, so I jumped at the opportunity to show her some of the places that are close to my heart. 

As a senior at CU, I have done my fair share of Pearl Street tours. I took my parents to The Med for happy hour during their first visit; I have spent too much money (and maybe skipped a class) buying shoes and clothes at Savvy and Shoe Fly. So now as somewhat of a veteran, I thought it would be cool to show Kierra all of Pearl – some of my old favorites and new finds. 

One of the first places we stopped into was Two Hands Paperie. In the paper room (located at the back of the store), we decided we could spend some serious time getting crafty. Walking back from the West end of the Mall, I had to take Kierra into the St Julien – a hotel that makes me proud to say I’m from Boulder (and excited to stay there as a guest next weekend when my mom is in town)! 

Despite the fact that it was February, the temperature was reaching the 60’s so Kierra got to see Boulder in all of its glory. Heading down to the East End of Pearl, people were lined up on the sidewalks, soaking up the sun, and sipping cappuccinos and something a little stronger at places like Mountain Sun Brewery and The Cup. The amount of people out and about on a sunny day in Boulder is one of the things I love most about this town and also leads me to what I think may be a future blog post, “What Do You Do and How Can I Be You – An Interview of Boulder Local’s and How They Spend Their Free Time.”  

We spent the rest of our afternoon wandering in and out of many of the little boutiques that make Boulder so special.  I showed Kierra Starr’s Clothing, one of my favorite spots. We also checked out Nod & Rose (a new find recommended by Terri). We couldn’t decide what we liked more about the store – the cute clothes or the sweet little dog, either way, I’ll be back! We ended our afternoon at Weekends (conveniently and dangerously located right outside our office) where I found my entire spring closet…if only! 

Kierra and I had just spent the past couple of hours wandering up and down Pearl Street from the West End to the East End and everywhere in between. Our afternoon (like so many of the afternoons I had spent on Pearl before) made me realize two things. 1. I love my job...getting to show off and check out restaurants and stores is work? Seriously?  2. Boulder is truly a unique little spot – as Kierra put it, “a perfect mix of local vs. some of the bigger names”. The more times I go, the more I enjoy it – so visitors keep on coming! 

-    Molly (The Intern)

P.S. make sure to check out Kierra’s blog…coming soon! 

Denver Restaurant Week Comes to Boulder!

Posted on February 19, 2014

Denver Restaurant Week is almost here! This year, the 10th annual extravaganza features 7 of Downtown Boulder’s foodiest restaurants. The restaurants will be offering a three (or four) course dinner for the fixed price of $30 (per person or $60 for two). The Downtown Boulder selection represents some of my personal favorites and the decision of where to eat will be difficult! Luckily restaurant week runs for seven days (February 22-28) so I just might have the chance to try them all! 

Saturday, I’m planning on trying Jill’s Restaurant (located in the St Julien Hotel). The menu consists of a tasty looking vanilla bean crème brulèe as well as many other local options. What better way to kick off restaurant week than to experience fine dining for only $30?! 

Sunday, I’m making my reservation for Riffs. They are featuring their green pea hummus on the menu, a must try! Pair that with the Pearl Street Mall location (excellent for people watching), and you’ll never want to leave! 

Monday, I’m going to try PastaVino. Their fettuccine bolognese will be sure to cure the Monday blues. 

Tuesday, Boulder Chophouse it is! They have quite a few options for their restaurant week menu including a large selection of hand crafted martinis…I think I’ll try The Verdana (fresh strawberries, citrus vodka, st. germaine, and lemon)! 

Wednesday, Q’s Restaurant at the Hotel Boulderado is where I’ll be dining. They have some fresh recipes for Denver Restaurant week but I’m most excited to try their roasted pear tart! 

Thursday, I’ll be getting my hands on some more Italian fare at Trattoria on Pearl. Not only do they have plenty of options for the three course meal, but they are also offering their expert opinion on wine pairings with each of the three courses for an additional $16!

Friday, I’ve saved one of my favorite for last; SALT! I am going to bring a few friends with me because I would like to try one of everything on their menu!  

Are you hungry yet? Denver Restaurant Weeks begins this Saturday. These restaurants are great any day– so go out and try some of their best entrees for a great bargain that is only available twice a year! Remember the best thing about it is all the Downtown Boulder restaurants you get to check out. 

Bon Appétit! 

Molly (The Intern) 



Welcome To The Neighborhood: Alex & Ani

Posted on February 5, 2014

We're very excited to welcome Alex and Ani to the vibrant the East End! Alex and Ani is a unique jewelry store that focuses on positive energy through their bracelets, rings and earrings, which are all made in the USA! We stopped into the brand new store earlier this week and this is what we found... 
One of several unique collections, the "Glitz and Garland" collection represents celebration, sparkle, and grace. We love the concept of mixing metal and beads for some extra color! Plus bronze is so "in."
The Alex and Ani "look."
Similar bangle bracelets are stacked up the arm. We especially love the unique jingle of clanking charms heard as the associates move their arms!
Prices range from $38-$218
"Alex and Ani believes in the power of positive energy, a core company principle. We have made it our mission to share the benefits of positive energy through the unique beauty and symbolism of our products."  
The 3D charm bangles are all the rage, from mermaids to cupcakes, they have it ALL! Plus, each charm has a meaning... here are some of our faves:
Lamp of Light  (aspiration, optimism, reflection)
Cupcake   (sweet, divine, optimistic)
Penguin (loving, spirited, proud)
We were joking with the sales associates about how no one likes their birthstone assignment...unless you were born in June and get lucky enough to have the pearl. We're all in luck! You can simply choose your color from the Alex and Ani color collection! 
Prices range from $28-$128
Each color in this collection is associated with some part of the body. The meaning behind each color is explained on this chart. (Or you can just pick your favorite color.)
Check out the Charity Design Collection. 20% of items sold from this collection support various charities. I didn't know until I brought mine home, but proceeds my pink starfish bangle went to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer​ foundation! 
Alex and Ani bracelets are not limited to charms, we are OBSESSED with these feather wraps! As part of the spiritual armor wraps collection these feathers represents protection, enlightenment, and morality. ($58)
Have enough jewelry? Alex and Ani has you covered! We loved these scented candles with thick wooden wicks! These candles bring "peace and spiritual strength and positive light to the world..." how could you go wrong with that?!
The Light and Ignite collection represents bright, pure, and enlightenment. Each candle holds a beautiful flame to empower good intentions. 
Prices range from $12-$52 
You have got to go check out Alex and Ani! These bracelets are becoming ultra popular among women of all ages, in fact, next time you are in a room full of a group of  women in their 20's or 30's it's likely that there will be at least one woman with Alex and Ani bangles up to her elbow... Check it out for yourself! The only problem is, you can't just have one!
We're so excited to see what Alex and Ani will bring to the East End of Pearl Street. This store is sure to become a shopping destination for visitors to the Pearl Street Mall! Welcome to the district Alex and Ani! We can't wait to share your positive energy! 
And yes, I'm loving my new arm candy... well worth the wait! 

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