Downtown Insider with Bulldog Yoga

Co-Founder and Top Dog at Bulldog Yoga, Katy Conicella, made the move to Colorado to open bulldog yoga's second studio in downtown Boulder. She teamed up with Owner Jon Cummins in July 2015 to build the bulldog yoga brand -- fitness-fueled yoga set to great music! When she is not teaching classes or promoting bulldog yoga, she is playing mama to Gracie the bulldog, who you can often find sitting at the front door people watching and waiting for some belly rubs. 

My perfect day in downtown Boulder starts with a bulldog yoga class followed by juice or coffee at Wonder and then a walk around town with Gracie. If we are feeling extra ambitious, Gracie and I will hit up Chautauqua for an afternoon walk; I get all my outdoor inspiration from Topo Designs.

If it is a Wednesday in the summer, you bet I will be at the Farmer's Market too! No matter what day of the week, Peachy's is also a favorite for a refreshing a acai bowl. Talk about shopping, you can find me at Nod & Rose or Island Farm looking for my next favorite outfit!

The perfect ending to my day is a skinny marg on the roof deck of Rio Grande, where the views are superb! And if I've had one too many margs, I know I can sweat it out at bulldog the next day #detoxtoretox. 

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Katy Conicella


Bulldog Yoga


January 2018

Why Downtown?

Because the people and energy are like none other -- it is a vibrant community, booming with creativity and a playful spirit, which is exactly what we value at bulldog yoga.

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