A Month of Hellos

Posted on January 22, 2014


The holiday decorations have been taken down, the ball has dropped at midnight, and students have returned back to school. It is January in Boulder – a time of hellos. Hello to the New Year and a new routine.

Now’s also a good time to say hello to some new businesses. I’d like to introduce you to (and welcome) Wok Eat – a restaurant which focuses on layering flavors and textures to match your mood – opened at the end of last year; and Zeal – serving food that promotes healthy eating and a high-energy lifestyle – perfect for many Boulderites.

This is also a time for my own personal hellos. Last Monday I said hello to my first last day of classes at CU (something I still can’t believe) and hello to the beginning of my internship with Downtown Boulder. Although most hellos are followed by a goodbye, I have four months until that point. So for now, let me just say hello to you all. I am excited to introduce you to new events, stores, and people involved in Downtown Boulder. I can’t wait to enjoy my last four months wandering around Pearl, saying hello to old favorites and hello to new finds. I know these next months will fly by as all great times do – so I better go and get saying hello.

Happy 2014!

- Molly (The Intern)

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