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My couch is one of my favorite places. It has one too many pillows and is well worn from being owned by a college student for the past two years.  And of course it is located right in front of my TV. The middle of the couch is clearly the most popular part, its once white fabric now has a bluish hue from spending countless hours lounging on it in my fabulous dark wash jeans.  Once I plop myself down on this soft piece of heaven, it becomes extremely difficult to pry myself off of it.  I do everything on my couch, I eat, sleep, do homework, browse the web, stalk people of Facebook, and of course download a seemingly endless array of apps to my phone. 

I love the horoscope app.  If my fortune is particularly terrible, I can use it as an excuse not to go to class and remain on my couch reading about the key traits of Cancer.  I can look up movie times on Fandango, while reading tweets from Kanye all while finding out which Starbucks is actually closer to my house (thus minimizing my walking distance for my skinny hazelnut latte).  Before I know it I have spent an hour staring at the little 2" x 4" screen on my phone, and I have worked up quite an appetite.

But since I have spent the better part of my morning nestled comfortably on my couch (aka still in sweats and unshowered),  I'm not about to go walk to a restaurant, wait in line, order, pay, wait for my food and then walk home.  Snarf's is mere steps from my house, and they have an app for my ordering convenience.  I can order my sandwich and pay for it, then pop in like a ninja and grab my sandwich without anyone having to look at my crazy kinked hair and high school hoodie for more than 15 seconds. This would be great, except I don't want a sandwich, I scour Yelp for restaurants near me and read some reviews and look for something that sounds delicious.  Then I find what I have been searching for--Mexican food. 

I want Chipotle, I need Chipotle. I'm craving that corn salsa and chicken, I imagine peeling back the foil to expose the delicious 1 pound of burrito goodness. I quickly type Chipotle into the search bar on my phone and SCORE there is an app.  First it determines which location is closest to me then I can build my own burrito.  I am scrolling through options I have never even considered before...1/2 pinto 1/2 black beans, yes please!  I pay for my customized burrito and save my selection for next time. I think about the cilantro infused rice one more time and the slowly stand up and leave the comfort of my couch and walk the few blocks to Chipotle and hurry back home to play with my new Mad Men app.


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