Battle of the Ducks and Dr. Oz

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Memorial Day weekend is possibly my most favorite 96 hours of the entire year. Besides my birthday (which technically lasts a whole week). But I digress: This weekend is comprised of the Boulder Creek Fest, the BolderBoulder, a national holiday and it's almost always the true beginning of summer weather.

Let's talk about the Creek Fest. And Rubber Ducks--Ernie knows what's up: rubber duckies make for great companions. But he has never seen anything like the Great Rubber Duck Race. Picture hundreds of fearless ducks, plunged into freezing cold, unforgiving rapids, fighting for the ultimate dream: to be crowned the fastest rubber ducky in Boulder (and maybe even Lafayette and Longmont). And bonus points for sponsoring your little dude to support EXPAND, which provides recreational activities for people with disabilities. If you're interested, join the masses on Sunday at 4 p.m.

Speaking of joining the masses (and Dr. Oz--but no Oprah??), who's gonna run the BolderBoulder with me? This is going to be my fourth year and I just can't get enough. Normally I don't get cheered on by thousands of onlookers and serenaded by local bands when I go for runs, so it's a pretty exhilarating experience. But the best part is the commemorative ceremony afterward to celebrate the country's bravest. I never expected to be so overwhelmed by a show of national pride. First of all, because I'm Canadian, so I'm more into Canadian pride. And second of all, because I don't get sentimental or mushy. I don't even cry during Grey's Anatomy. However, the BolderBoulder's version of Memorial Day strikes me as so real and unpretentious and healthy I can't help but get a little teary-eyed every year.

So if you're around this weekend, head downtown to shop and eat at the Creek Fest, float a ducky or two, and honor a few good men at the BolderBoulder.


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