Bye Bye Boulder

Posted on July 27, 2016

The calendar has quickly ticked its way down to August; where did summer go? I'm so thankful for my time here at Downtown Boulder and I wouldn't trade Pearl Street for the world. It's cliche to say I've learned a lot and created great memories, but I have and here are some of my favorite takeaways:

1. The Overly Excited 4 Year Old
One of the best days of my summer was being the designated driver of the free Tebo Train. The Tebo Train is an elaborately decorated tractor that pulls three carts behind it filled with kids waving at pedestrians on the mall. Fully equipped with a train horn and bell, you can hear it from blocks away. I saw a young boy start frantically dancing and jumping up and down when he saw the train coming. He was yelling and smiling from ear to ear. Donned with a conductor's hat and big eyes, I've never seen someone so excited ...and so eager to get up from tripping over his own feet. 

2. Goats, Fire and Pokémon
I'd thought I'd seen it all ... until this summer. From a pet service goat on the mall, fire breathers, to a man hanging by his feet playing the piano, you never can predict what you'll find. Especially now with Pokémon Go. I'd never thought I'd see dozens of business professionals stumbling around the courthouse trying to catch a Pidgey. If you would have told me that back in March, I would have thought you were crazy.

3. "Peaches?"
People at Downtown Boulder are so friendly. Being a newcomer to the area it took me awhile to figure out my favorite places and new rhythm of my home for the summer. Whether offering new restaurant suggestions or peaches as a snack in the office, the staff has been crucial in making Downtown Boulder feel like a second home. Thanks for taking a chance on me!

4. Can you say, yum?
SPEAKING OF PEACHES, Downtown Boulder's foodie scene is unreal. This area is spoiled with fresh farmer's markets, fine cuisine, cozy coffee shops for rainy getaways and lively bars that fill up for games or Friday nights. It's one of those cases were I won't fully realize how special it was until it I don't have the bricks within walking distance anymore. (Check out the weekly Foodie Friday Posts!)

As my summer in Boulder draws to an end, I'd like to say thank you to everyone. From people letting me take their photo on the mall or down the creek on Tube to Work Day, artists at the Pearl Street Arts Fest telling me stories about following their outside the box dreams, my co-workers who asked for my creative input on new projects,
...and of course my boss for letting me wear Chacos for the second half of July after I lost my fancier footwear on a trek to work. (If you see a brown flat down 13th street somewhere, you now know where it came from.)

Boulder has been one of the best adventures yet,

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