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Anyone see the front page of the Camera today? Downtown Boulder dominated the lead headline. We even “out peeped” the Peeps trial coverage. We knew the story was coming since late Tuesday afternoon. Our biggest blunder…we should have blogged about this yesterday. Instead, we let the Camera tell the story and waited in anticipation of some negative coverage. In today’s world of Social Media, shoulda/woulda/coulda just doesn’t cut it. Trust us…lesson learned! (I had this social media epiphany last night when I asked myself, “What would Andrew Hyde do?”) utilizes Citylight (proprietary) software developed by Geocentric (based out of Bethesda, MD). The software is designed specifically for Destination Districts such as Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Business Improvements Associations (BIAs), Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs), and Economic Development Agencies. The software was not developed specifically for Downtown Boulder but for similar destinations throughout the country who have the same basic requirements. The developer has an incredible understanding and knowledge of how BIDs work and the unique needs we have in promoting a variety of businesses & events.

Right now, Geocentric has no competing software providers who offer all the various features of Citylight. If Downtown Boulder had the option to use a local company who produced similar software that was specifically developed for the needs of BIDs, we would. If that option one day becomes available, we will. (Additionally, the photos on our web site and those used for our collateral materials are supplied by a variety of local photographers and all graphic design happens locally as well. We maintain site updates, event & business listings from right here in our office. )

Do we “Love the Local”? Absolutely. Will we continue to encourage all of you to do the same? Absolutely! We hope you will continue to use as a primary resource to find out what’s happening in downtown. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook. Interact with us in any and all of those mediums. Feel free to tell us directly when we do something you don’t like (I’m talking to you “concerned citizen”); and please do tell us when we do something that you do actually like.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s lead headline is focused back on all things PEEPS!

~ Terri (


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