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Posted on April 13, 2016

Although Every Day Should Be Earth Day...



Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they hold shovels or finish their shower a minute or two early, to, you know, save the Earth! Humans haven't always been kind to Mother Nature but living in a community such as Boulder, everyone knows and understands the importance of Earth Day and what it stands for. Why have one day when you can fill an entire week with events? #BoulderEarthWeek is an opportunity to come together as a community and strive to create the future we hope to see in Boulder and the rest of the world.

“As home to more climate scientists, activists, start-ups and wealth managers per capita than any place on Earth, Boulder is in a unique position to prototype a thriving, sustainable and just community”. - #BoulderEarthWeek’s website

In down-to-earth terms (pun intended) Boulder Earth Week 2016’s mission statement means our community is one of the most forward-thinking towns in the US - which gives us a unique opportunity to start a chain reaction of change. Feel inspired and want to get involved? Here’s a selection of events worth checking out:

  • MONDAY, APRIL 18TH, #BoulderEarthWeek Kick-off party
    • 5 pm - 7 pm @ eTown
    • #BoulderEarthWeek Collaboration Kick-off: a fun, happy hour-style gathering of climate leaders from all sectors. Music and food. Event space is limited.
    • RSVP here
  • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20TH, #TogetherWeWill Community Celebration
    • 7 pm - 9 pm (doors at 6 pm) @ eTown
    • #TogetherWeWill: A Community Celebration of People and Planet. An evening to honor community leaders who are embracing the spirit of collaboration and sustainability. Join us for the BoCo Youth Climate Challenge and a visit from the executive director of the Sierra Club, Michael Brune. Music and Food.
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 22ND, 1st Annual Spring Network and Community Clean Up
    • Time is based on shift (sign up here). Check in behind the city of Boulder Urban Parks and Maintenance Facility, 1720 13th street, next to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
    • A neighborhood effort to clean up trash, recycling, and compost. Gather your friends and co-workers for one hour of taking care of our community.
    • Please RSVP by Friday April 15th
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 22ND,  Jill's at the St Julien  Earth Day Vegan Buffet
    • Jill’s Restaurant presents a special 6 course vegan dining experience. The dinner is $49.95 per person and reservations are highly recommended.
    • For questions, or to reserve a table, please call 720-406-7399.


So, how will you celebrate Earth Day this year? Maybe, pledge to start buying locally, or plant a tree, how about walking or biking to work? Whether you decide to take action, donate, or just simply spread the word, all Mother Nature wants us to do is to remember to participate this year!

For more information on how to take action during Boulder Earth Week check out their website 

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