Favorite Parts of Fall Series | Pt. 1

Posted on October 7, 2016

Fall in Downtown Boulder

I know many people are sad to see summer go... but not me! To be real folks, fall is my favorite season by far. The crisp air, crunchy leaves and the bonus of the holiday season just around the corner, I can’t help but be excited. Here are a few ways that I leap into fall and stay warm this time of year. This post will be the first of a three part series that gives you the lowdown on celebrating fall downtown.


Happy Hour

Though I turned 21 back in July, I’m still getting used to the whole happy hour scene. Luckily, downtown Boulder has a ton to offer. Below are just a few of my favorite places to unwind after a day of work.


Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place

  • Happy hours are great and all but what’s even better is when the business is run by women! I’m all about “girl power.” Shine is run by the Emich triplets and their “Shine Potions” (concoctions of herbs, roots, and other natural ingredients) are unlike anything I’ve had - especially if you decide to add your choice of liquor to it.

Bohemian Biergarten

  • Beer, beer and more beer, please. By far my favorite alcoholic beverage, beer is great anytime of the year. With a great selection of European beers on tap, I almost feel like I’m back in Europe-where I studied abroad last year.


The Attic Bar & Bistro

  • I love playing pool and if you do too, then this is the bar for you. The Attic has a homey feel that can’t be beat, especially when you’re trying to escape the cold.

Stay tuned on Tuesday for the next segment. Hint: it’ll help wake you up and keep you warm!





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