Gotta catch em all in Downtown Boulder...Pokémon (Go) Hits the Bricks

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Eevee Spotted on the 1300 Block...Wait....What?

It seems counterintuitive to say, "let's get outside and be social” WHILE looking constantly at our phones. But the new Pokémon Go app has done just that.  Nintendo has wreaked absolute havoc (both in good and bad ways) in both the virtual and real world since the app’s release earlier this week!  Pokémon Go is not the first gaming app of its kind, but it is the first making an ENORMOUS impact. The game has successfully found away to introduce "augmented reality” to every day people from 6 to 60 years young.   

For those who have yet to join the craze, here's the 4-1-1:  The app is free to download.  Your mission is to find Pokémon in your immediate area.  Once you find them, you need to capture them using Pokéballs (that you access through camera phone).  Based on time of day and your location, you'll find different Pokémon waiting for you!  If you are nearer to a lake or ocean, you'll find water variety Pokémon. If you go out at night, you'll see more nocturnal fairy and ghost varieties. 

We know for a fact that a WIDE variety have been spotted and/or captured right here in Downtown Boulder!  Come out during the day and catch Charmander or Evee, or wait until the night (OR go inside) where Zubat might be waiting for you.  (In the Downtown Boulder office, we caught Rattata on a keyboard!)

(Here's Eevee on the 1300 block near the Visitor Information Center)

There seems to be a plethora of activity around downtown in relation to the game. Seasoned Pokémon Trainers to newbies of all ages are walking around the Pearl Street Mall and adjoining districts (on and off the bricks) in search of Pikachu and his friends.  There are also tons of  “Pokéstops” (where you win Pokéballs, eggs, etc.). Some of our favorite stops include Hearts on a Swing (statue outside of Weekends), Lindsay's Boulder Deli, and various statues on the Courthouse lawn to name a few.  There are a handful of “gyms”  (where your Pokémon battle) - like at One Boulder Plaza and the Tug of War statue at 9th and Pearl (on the West End).  BUT you have to get to Level 5 first!

Pokémon Go is a perfect excuse come and explore Downtown Boulder!  So why not take the kids out, and try to “catch 'em all” with the whole family! 

Wait...I think we just found Haunter….Gotta go!

Signing Off,

Markeis (with assistance from Terri & Chelsea)

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