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I decided to be a bit of a creep today before writing my blog post; I wanted to hear the things people had to say while wandering the Pearl Street Mall.  I sat outside our office until I realized all I could hear was the guitarist sitting near me.  I walked a bit further and sat down, and then a saxophone started to play.  After realizing sitting wasn’t going to help me, I got up off my bum and wandered pearl, walking closely next to pedestrians, and wrote down the funny things I heard. 

Here are some of the top comments:

1. “My Butt Shows Too Much!!!!” (In a dressing room)

2. “Do you like my birthday dress? It’s getting a bit small for me.” (Said by a 4 year old girl)

3. “I’m standing next to the women dressed as a blue fairy and the man playing a guitar made out of a skateboard.” (Lady giving directions)

4. “I don’t need an iPhone, my life is fine without that flair.” (A motto everyone should go by)

5. “I feel so pregnant after that meal.” (Leaving Pasta Jays)

6. “I hope my dad isn’t keeping regular tabs on my credit card.” (Typical.)

7. “Did you hear about the Croc’s Founder?” (I’ll let you all research that…)

8. “What is that man doing with his head between his legs?” (Looking at the infamous contortionist)

9. “You’re going to get spanked when I see you.  I’m going to put my husband on and he’s going to spank you too!” (???)

And My Favorite:

10. “The first time I heard of the Tebo(w) train, I imagined something completely different.”  (Ditto.)

The Downtown Boulder website itself quotes, “With outstanding shopping, lodging, restaurants, services and entertainment & events, not to mention the best people watching in the state, Downtown Boulder offers authentic experiences for everyone.” So, if you are having a gloomy or boring day, people watching at the Pearl Street mall will never cease to entertain you.


-Madalyn (Intern)

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