How Very Pinteresting

Posted on April 5, 2012

With all the social media options available these days, it is easy to feel that if one more were to surface, the World Wide Web would become so entangled in “fans,” “circles,” and “likes” that we would all be each other’s bffs by now. But allow me to introduce a different sort of way to connect and share with people near and far: Pinterest.

A cork board similar to the ones we all had in our childhood bedrooms, Pinterest is a virtual equivalent in which you “pin” photos into categorized boards. Remembering an obscure website name that has great recipes, or flipping through photos of the tropical place you’re planning a vacation to, or finding fun events in your favorite downtown (hint, hint) has never been easier (or more organized)! Here at Downtown Boulder, we have jumped on board (pun intended) and invite you to check out our pin boards to find your inspiration. We are constantly updating our page with products and specials from our local stores and restaurants that will make you never want to leave our beautiful downtown area. Through the enticing photos, you are linked directly to the store or restaurant they are available so you will never have the problem of not knowing where that delicious looking chocolate cake is found. It’s also a good place to find photos from all our events downtown as well as remind you when they are approaching.

Go on, glance over our Pinterest boards here. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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