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Know who doesn't get enough recognition? Your administrative assistant. He/She knows you like the back of their hand--your schedule, how you like your coffee, who you want to avoid on the phone, how to fix that pesky problem on your computer. They do all the dirty work: they're the first ones to speak with a peeved client and they run the database. They edit your poor grammar and they smile while they do it.

Thank goodness you have the opportunity to thank them! Since 1952, National Administrative Professional's Week has been a workplace observance dedicated to receptionists, office managers, staff support and personal assistants. It is celebrated the last full week of April every year and--wait, that's this week! Yikes, did you forget?! It's okay, you still have plenty of time to laud your admin professional and shower them with gifts. But how about instead of a hug or high five, this time around you give them something awesome, like a Downtown Boulder gift card! Good at 175 retailers and restaurants downtown, its the perfect way to say, "Thank you for running my office!" They can be purchased online, at our visitor center everyday between 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. or at our office in the 1942 Broadway Suites.

Get on it stat, and show your administrative support system you care!


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