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Ignite Boulder was SO COOL. I feel like a preteen that snuck into a rock concert and then got someone to buy me a few beers too!! I'm on a high and I don't wanna come down, and I'm not gonna lie: if you weren't there last night, sucks for you. Seriously, I feel bad for you ;) If you haven't heard of Ignite Boulder, or you're a virgin like I was, picture fourteen energetic speakers with a powerpoint presentation, limited time frame, and various knowledge to share--fast paced, hilarious, and in some cases, very humbling. I'm hooked (obviously...I probably sound like I'm drooling). This is a great event folks, put June 24th on the calendar for Ignite 11.

And what an eclectic mix of intelligent, fun people (shout-out to @tarable)! If you haven't had a chance yet, you should rush out and catch the last two days of Boulder Startup Week and meet some of these geeks for yourself. But watch out, you might find yourself inspired!

Stay tuned next week when I take over the DBI front office and begin my silent coup for Eli's job while he's on vacation.


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