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Posted on December 15, 2010

Welcome to my final blog post as an intern for Downtown Boulder. 

I've made my fair share of dumb mistakes during my time here, including forgetting my password every other week and retrieving the incorrect envelopes from the post office. There's no doubt that I've had my naive intern moments, but at least Eli got a good laugh out of most of them. 

Of course I plan on using what I have learned about social media and marketing in the future, but it is the little things that you learn in the office that you can take with you no matter where you go.  It's the kind of things that you don't learn in school.  There is no class that teaches you that it costs $3.50 to mail a letter to Luxembourg or how to run a credit card, but now I know. 

I've never had an internship that allowed me, the intern, to make the creative decisions.  I put together the gift guide this year, and I could pick where I went, what I wanted to include, and how I wanted it to look.  And many of my blog posts have been pretty out there, but it's up to me what I want to share with you guys...whether it's about my dating life or finding the best brunch in Boulder.

So as I look back on my time here I can't help but come up with a list of all the little things that I have learned.  So here it is....

Lauren's List of Acquired Knowledge as an Intern at Downtown Boulder

1.  It takes exactly 14 minutes to walk here from my house, 5 minutes if my roommate drops me off.

2. Australia and Sweden are the most expensive places to mail a Downtown Boulder Guide Book.

3.  There are about 156,325 different kinds of envelope/package options at the post office.

4. Roughly 30% of people include their dog when making me write who a Downtown Boulder gift card is from.

5. TweetDeck is by far superior to the normal twitter website.

6. It is nearly impossible to take a picture of a window display without a terrible reflection of myself or the store across the street.

7. "Refine Edges" may be one of the most brilliant options in Photoshop.

8. You can buy the craziest stuff in downtown.  My personal favorites: triangle clocks and porcelain elephants.

9. Emailing the Downtown Boulder Guide saves trees, time and money....but only if you correctly import the contacts

10. I've even learned how to correctly pour a beer at Fall Fest this year.

Eli will be looking for the next intern soon, so stay tuned to the twitter feed.  It really is a great opportunity. You get to work with awesome people and learn a lot while doing it, and there's no running and getting coffee (although there may be a few runs to the post office).  Eli even listens to some decent music, (well most of the time anyway). So this internship comes with the highest recommendation from me, Lauren, the dateless-unathletic-brunch eating-app downloading intern.

Over and out.


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