Love The Local

Posted on November 4, 2016

Love The Local

Boulder, like many mountain towns in the west, has our fair share of breathtaking views, various outdoor spaces and wonderful weather. However, what separates Boulder from the rest is it’s downtown. It has well known companies like Patagonia and Fjallraven but what truly makes this town a gem are the local businesses and the community's relentless support of them.


Love the Local, a business owners spotlight is a way to remind the community that behind these one-of-a-kind businesses there are the owners and their stories. Falling in love with Boulder's charm and the emphasis of having a connection with the town are ideas shared across the board.


Below are just a few stories of why local businesses like to “keep it local":


Ramble on Pearl - Opened August 2014

Owners Andy and Connie Minden attribute their success with “The number of partnerships that have emerged with so many people in the Boulder community. It isn't just us, it's other people who have helped us take this dream and turn it into a reality.”

Organic Sandwich Company - Opened February 2012

“Community relationships are so important to me. I think that our origins at the [ Boulder] Farmers Market really helped me foster these relationships'. Owner Marcy Miller hasn’t looked back since her move from Chicago to Boulder as she continues to follow her entrepreneurial dreams.


Alpine Modern - Opened November 2013

Owner Lon Mcgowan, emphasizes that "It's important that we always have our roots here in Boulder so that Boulder can serve as the hub of all of it.” Mcgowan reiterates the idea that at Alpine Modern, it’s important to create a connection in their designs with Boulder and the company.


T/ACO - Opened May 2012

For managing partner Peter Waters, owning a business in Boulder is all about the customers. "Our customers are some of the most interesting people in Boulder. They are people that we want to spend our day with.”

The joy of living in a beautiful place, appreciation of the community and the excitement of what’s to come are all shared emotions with the local owners and customers. With Small Business Saturday on November 26, don’t forget to shop local.

To learn more and stay up to date on the latest local shops and their stories, check out Downtown Boulder’s Small Business Spotlight page.





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