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Holy mackerel, it's hot out! Actually, I wouldn't really know because I'm imprisoned in a cubicle all day with no windows, but that's what I hear anyway. In any case, I still like to make lists so I am making one with all the best, coolest, summer treats downtown--just for you!

1. If you haven't had a mojito at Centro, you must be crazy. There is nothing more refreshing than chilled rum and fresh mint and they make the best in town--hands down. They're pretty much famous for 'em.

2. If you're not into the booze, check out Atlas Purveyors for their assortment of chilled beverages. There is a tea slush, frozen house chai and boba, which is fun because it has a giant straw. Also, I hear there is some mysterious drink called the Kitzel Special...

And I can't leave out The Cup because they combine two wonderful things: coffee and milkshakes. And milkshakes and other flavors, if you must.

And last but not least, go for Ma Ma's Oolong Tea at Zoe Ma Ma's...Mama always does make it best!

3. Fro-yo for sho. Cefiore is all natural and all delicious. I would recommend the tart original with your choice of toppings. (or mochi, Eli swears by the mochi...)

Also, Two Spoons has housemade gelato in different flavors everyday...drool. The last time I was in there I had Mango Chile--sounds nuts, but it's not. It's fruit.

4. If you need something a little more substantial, how 'bout ceviche from Aji? Fish, flash-cooked in citrus juice makes a great summer night dinner after a long hot day...

5. For something a little different, try the mango lassi at Sherpa's -- it's basically a fruit smoothie with yogurt, but it goes perfectly with spicy Indian dishes like tandoori chicken.

Or take your craving over to Bombay Bistro where they mix it with SoCo.

6. And last but not least, a Boulder standby is a giant marg at the Rio on the rooftop deck with a bowl of chips and salsa (one of my favorite salsas in town). Good news: they have a mini marg for $2.50 around lunch time for those really long days. No, I'm not endorsing drinking at work, just during your lunch break.

Or take this recipe to the Boulder Farmers' Market to pick up the ingredients and give cool summer foods your own twist!


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