New Beginnings -Fall; More Than Just Leaves Changing

Posted on September 14, 2015

New Beginnings -Fall; More Than Just Leaves Changing 

As Pearl Streets’ leaves turn vibrant shades of orange and red, and the summer tourists snap their last shots of the Flatirons, the Boulderites are left to settle into the new beautiful season. Whatever Fall may have in store, we can all agree that a change of pace and temperature can be as refreshing as change itself. As Downtown Boulder’s new Marketing and Communication Intern, I couldn’t be more excited about this new beginning and this season’s adventures to come. Colorful scarves, football games, and that first drizzle of the season’s snow are the sprinkles to my pumpkin spiced latte, warming my hands as I head into Downtown Boulder Inc. office. Settling into my intern desk each morning, I can’t help but wonder what today’s varying tasks may entail. I never know whether I’ll be snapping photos, contacting local restaurants or shops, learning about new events, or running around Pearl on a special mission.

This semester also happens to be my final semester of college. I can’t believe it! The idea of no longer having a stack of syllabi telling me what to be doing is mind boggling…which is why my new internship with Downtown Boulder serves as the perfect catalyst for the big-girl-world that awaits me just beyond the horizon. Part of growing up and joining the real world that this internship has exposed me to is attending networking events while enjoying big-girl beverages and delicious finger foods. Last week I had the pleasure of attending an End of the Summer work get-together with my new office colleagues from the downtown community. Hosted at the big bosses home, I got to nibble on Pasta Jay’s catering and sip delicious wine, all while enjoying the beautiful patio and garden landscaping in one of Boulder’s cutest neighborhoods. On our way there, Chelsea and I stopped by Cured to pick up two fully loaded cheese and meats platters for the party. Pasta Jay’s and treats from Cured? I was in absolute heaven. These are two of my favorite restaurants downtown, a guilty-pleasure splurge on a college-girl budget.

The end of summer can seem rather bitter sweet with the pools closing, homework piling back up, and the days growing shorter and nights longer. However my work with Downtown Boulder gives me confidence that though the summer may be ending, the fun is most certainly not. With many Fall events coming up for the month, finding great ways to spend weekends in the crisp colorful weather is a no brainer. I’ve been answering phone calls all day concerning this weekend’s Fall Fest. I’m so excited to be part of this three day event, featuring local food, microbrews, music, vendors and artisan booths as well as children’s entertainment and activities all right here on the mall. Come join me and my new Downtown Boulder friends as we serve up colorful festivities all weekend long!   

Till next time, hade på bade! –Maria Bond  ("see you later alligator" in Norwegian) 

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