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Seven days.

I have seven days before I am officially thrust from the college life into  the real world. It has been a long time coming, but now that it is here, I'm starting to get a little nervous.  My biggest fear is becoming "that friend." You know who I'm talking about.  Everyone knows that one person who doesn't have a job and spends his or her day lounging around the house and rarely wearing real clothes.  They claim that they are "looking for a job" or "just taking some time off" but after a month, I'm sorry, but that excuse is EXPIRED.

I hate having the conversation about my future with all my various relatives.  When they realize I don't even have a vague idea about what I am doing after graduation I get a judgmental "hmmmm" followed by "well, I'm sure you'll find something."  And I WILL find something.

So I have begun my job search.  I have four different versions of my resume and can whip out a cover letter in no time. My game plan: apply to every PR/advertising/communications/marketing/social media job in the Denver metro area until someone will pay me to show up everyday. So if anyone is hiring, I promise I would be a great employee!

Although a few weeks of doing whatever I want, when I want does sound pretty appealing.  I could finally organize my iTunes, spend my day pursing Urban Outfitters for the perfect cardigan, and catch up on my trashy daytime TV.  I could also spend my day sipping coffee while reading books in the Boulder Book Store.

So before I stress too much about this I'm going to enjoy the perks that come with graduating: The parents are coming into town and that means dinner and drinks are on them, I'm thinking happy hour at Boulder Cafe, (meaning cheese fondue and wine). Maybe my mom will take me grocery shopping when she sees that I primarily live off of oatmeal and yogurt.  And if you need a recent college grad at your business, just email me here. I'll have to time to answer...



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