Posted on July 13, 2011


So,  as I have told you guys I have a huge sweet tooth. This makes eating and maintaining a summer bod clash a little bit. But look no further than fro-yo (frozen yogurt, duh) for the answer, Smooch in Downtown Boulder has four different flavors of delicious fro-yo and so many toppings, from strawberries to Captain Crunch to sprinkles.

Easily located right off the bricks on 14th street,  it is hard to resist. Recently, it has been ridiculously hot and casually humid outside, to the point where I don’t want to leave the comfort of my fans and AC during the day for very long. Smooch will cure any further over-heating guaranteed. And since it is low-calorie and low-fat you can justify a large...or even two! I got a dark chocolate with strawberries and white yogurt chips, on my first visit and  YUM (okay maybe I over justified a large,  but I couldn’t resist!). If you’re feeling a little bit braver then give Mochi a try. These are yogurt balls covered in rice confections. Both the yogurt and Mochi are gluten-free and kosher certified!

So get off the bricks for a few minutes and cool down at Smooch! I pinky promise all the ice cream lovers out there that you will not be disappointed! And if I try the Mochi before you do I promise,  to promptly report back to you guys!

Fear not, you will hear more about my food adventures soon!


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