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Boulder Bucket List 2016

Credit to Phil Lewis

Alright everyone. It’s 2016. With the beginning of 2016, comes the new year and a new spring intern: ME. And by me, I mean let me introduce myself. My name is Emily and I’ll be your new go-to girl this spring at Downtown Boulder. If you’re ever confused about which one I am in the office, I’m the blonde one who’s probably looking up pictures of slightly overweight dogs (preferably pugs) and the best places on Pearl for an after-work happy hour special.

As someone who grew up in the Midwest - Chicago, IL to be exact, I was completely oblivious to this little heaven town until I stumbled across it one day on Google.  At that point I knew there was no going back. I signed the next four years of my life to this place (maybe more, fingers crossed) to become a full blown Boulderite. And to think I might’ve devoted my soul and bank account to some other school surrounded by corn fields...

As someone who is somewhat new to the scene, both in regards to the city, and Downtown Boulder specifically, I’ve made it my duty to explore this place to the fullest extent. Yes, that means trying foods I’ve never tried before (yes I’m talking about gluten free menu items) and going places I’ve never been before but come highly recommended. Those goals lead me to here, flipping through this year's new guidebook, finally realizing how little of Pearl Street I’ve actually experienced. For instance, have you ever noticed how many chocolate shops we have here? I think I’ve just about died and gone to heaven. Shout out to Kilwins for just opening this year, my name is Emily and I’m soon to become a regular.

The craziest thing I’ve learned during my first two weeks as Downtown Boulder’s new intern is that Pearl Street has a lot more to offer than I could’ve ever imagined. Being in charge of updating the events calendar and walking around the downtown area searching for things to take pictures of pays off when it comes to creating a “Pearl Street Bucket List” for my senior year.

Here’s what I have so far:

  • Try seafood that ‘us midwesterns’ have never heard of. Maybe oysters at Jax Fish house and Oyster Bar? A little scared, but hey, life is too short not to throw back fish like a shot.
  • Beg my mom to come into town and make her stay at the St Julien Hotel & Spa. Emphasis on the spa part if you know what I mean, ladies. This intern could use a deep tissue massage.
  • The Taste of Pearl spring event. Naturally, I’ll have to see how it rivals the one we have back home in Chicago. My expectations are high, but I have a sneaking suspicion this one will pull its weight.
  • While we’re on the topic of events, I’m marking my calendar for the Tulip Fairy & Elf Festival. I’m imagining a spectacle that can somewhat be defined as a smaller but comparable ‘Disney on Ice’ show featuring an absurd amount of flowers and people dressed up as woodland creatures. Remind me to take my allergy medicine that day because I plan on bringing home a shameful amount of flowers. Maybe a quick stop at Fawns Leap Botanical Arts will do the trick for my flower needs.
  • I have to make it to at least one Boulder County Farmers Market before I walk across that stage. Buying healthy, organic food should make me feel better about the New Year’s Resolutions I’ve already given up on.
  • My friend Nolan said Tahona has unrivaled margaritas, but I’ll be the judge of that one. Although, I am a huge sucker for a good marg *cough* *cough* College Night at The Rio Grande.
  • Last but not least, save up enough money to go shopping at the Free People clothing store next to our office. I think the employees honestly feel bad for me when they see me come in, rifle through all the clothes, and leave empty handed with a look of defeat on my face. Well defeat, or the “yeah I know I'm broke, but what do you expect I'm in college” look.

So readers, here is my promise to you. For the next couple of months as the Downtown Boulder intern, I vow to get out of my comfort zone and try different restaurants, attend new events, and check out stores that the old me would be too scared or apprehensive to walk into. I mean, when in Rome right? err, I mean Boulder... You catch my drift.

P.S: I’m open for suggestions. If you think I’m missing anything on my list, tell me! It’s a scary thought that I might not be staying here in this beautiful place after graduation, so please, send bucket list tips to my hotline “intern@downtownboulder.org” or submit them to Downtown Boulder on their submit event page (trust me, I'll see them, it’s sorta my job).  


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