Stacy for Intern 2010

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This chain letter is real. It was written by a girl named Stacy who wanted to win a contest to become Think Motive's next Intern. It was started in 1862 and has been around the world 27 times. It was found again in 1985 by Tom Jones who followed the directions and sent it out to seven friends. Three days later, Tom's lost cat came home after six months.

If you pass this chain letter on, something good will happen, but if you ignore it, you will have bad luck for ten years. Jane Doe got this chain letter in her email and sent it to the trash file. That night, her water was turned off. Her husband Dick also ignored the letter and the very next day he started to bald prematurely.

If you don't want to be like Dick and Jane, then follow these instructions and help Stacy win big:

1. "Like" Think Motive on Facebook
2. Go to "The Interns" tab and scroll down to Stacy's video.
3. Watch and "Like" the video.
4. RT or forward this link seven times!

Thank you for your help!


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