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All of a sudden, Boulder is this culinary hot-spot; a hub for all things yummy. Restaurants around here boast local produce and sustainable/eco practices and end up in 5280 Magazine and Westword for "Best Of this and that..." awards. Here in Downtown Boulder we have Top Chefs and master mixologists, and cuisine from all around the world! All the cool kids are talking about it, and I wanna go, too!

But let's get real, here. I'm an intern--I get paid diddly. There's no way I can afford to be as much a part of this scene as I want to. There are literally 113 places to dine in the downtown area; multiplied buy an average of $15 spent per restaurant equals at least $1695.00 I do not have, thanks to silly things like gas for my car and student loans.

I can, however, scrounge up $52.80, which will get me a pass to the Taste of Pearl next weekend. In fact, I might even be able to spring for one for my boyfriend, too!

Taste of Pearl presents the perfect opportunity to sample your way around downtown without committing to any one restaurant's full menu. This way, you can note which restaurants tickle your fancy and make a date to go back for a full meal later. All those places you've been dying to try, like Black Cat, Salt, and Frasca are all going to be there, with bells on. And as an added bonus, local wineries, like Bookcliff, Boulder Creek and a ton of others are going to be on hand to provide something to wash it all down with. Plus, you'll be in all the cool spots: from Tesla to Starr's to the new Wenger Swiss Army Store.

So here's your (and my) chance to hang with the cool kids--to be able to give our two cents when they start rambling on about the latest Boulder bistro or eatery. Get a ticket NOW and if you're one of the first 200, you'll also snag a year's subscription to 5280 Magazine. Spend a little, get a lot!


Editor's Note: We might be able to scrounge up a tix for our favorite intern ;) - The Evil Overlords at Downtown Boulder

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