The Best Cheerleaders in Boulder

Posted on September 10, 2013

If you’ve lived in Boulder for any period of time, been to a CU sporting event or attended a Pearl Street Mall Stampede, you have probably seen these two women… they are certainly hard to miss. True Boulderites know exactly who you’re referring to when you mention “the twins.” Others may have taken a minute to pose for a photo with them, or have simply admired them from afar. Regardless, Peggy (Fitzgerald) Coppom and Betty (Fitzgerald) Hoover are too adorable to be ignored.

At the Pearl Street Stampede this past Friday night, I stopped the ladies to ask for their photo. I snagged a great shot of their perfectly planned, matching from head to toe outfits. After the photo op, I introduced myself and quickly we made several connections which Boulder natives can relate to (it’s a small bubble after all.)

I am excited to share their story with you:

The twins started their spirit-filled journey to Boulder in the 1940’s when they moved from a small farm town on the eastern plains. At age 15, they became Boulder High School Cheerleaders, which is where they began their love of sports. Betty is as sharp as a tack, as we discussed her high school memories she listed for me every high school that was a part of the “Northern League” during her time at Boulder High. I don’t even remember who was in the Centennial League when I went to Boulder High, and that was less than 5 years ago!

After graduating in 1943 from Boulder High, the twins began their next journey "up the hill” to CU. They continued to cheer on the Buffs and eventually settled down, both marrying airline pilots. After their husbands passed away, they picked back up their quirky matching outfits and set a goal to attend every single Buffs Football game. The ladies have done just that! Peggy beamed with excitement when she told me that they had only missed one home football game since 1957. Betty made sure to point out that they have attended every single men’s and women’s basketball game since 1979 as well. Can you say team spirit? 

Of course we are all wondering, who picks out the outfits? When asked, they both giggled and informed me that they trade off each day… and yes, they do match every single day.

Next time you see the pint-sized twins (only 5ft tall!) don’t hesitate to shake their hand or tell them “Go Buffs!” You’ll probably make their day (and they’ll probably chat your ear off.) As Peggy says, they’re just doing what they like to do and perusing their quest to be happy. Aren’t we all?

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