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It's almost April 3rd, and do you know what that means? Time for the Farmers' Market to start back up!

For me, it's like Christmas without the post-holiday letdown, as the harvest only gets better over time...but don't let the early season fool you, the market already has plenty to offer! Check out last year's Daily Camera Crop Calendar for an idea of what to expect, but for now, think SALADS! Lettuce, hothouse tomatoes, radishes, and cucumbers, oh my! And don't forget to take home some garlic! I know that sounds odd, but homegrown garlic has the sweetest, most potent flavor, and unless you're a vampire, you gotta try it. Make a point of picking up some fresh eggs and cheese, too. Eggs + cheese + garlic = best omelet ever.

Beyond local produce, there are dozens of prepared and packaged food vendors, too. My personal favorite is Loredana's. I don't know if they've caught on to my double and triple visits yet, but I can make breakfast out of bread and marinated cheese at their stand. Read my lips: white truffle tartufo.

If you're really hungry, I have one word for you: pupusas. New to the scene last year, the pupusa stand must have handed out thousands of their cheese and meat/veggie stuffed flatbreads. Quick, hot, cheap.

As if you need another reason to go, how about for the live music? I just checked the weather for Saturday and the sun will be out--nothing better than spring sunshine, tunes, and free samples. Take your fare and enjoy it in the park, or segue into downtown for some shopping and busker action!

See you there!


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