Wanna Play Four Square?

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When @andrewhyde mentioned foursquare at DBI's Social Media panel last month, I shuddered. The words "four square" conjure up dark memories of adolescent athletic inadequacies. Always chosen last, never made it to the fourth square, rubber burn on my face from an overzealous, early-blooming fourth-grader and his mammoth serve. Goosebumps all over.

And now this is the latest trend? Proclaiming your location so that you can become mayor at the risk of your house being robbed, shrouded by illusions of elementary school anguish? Ei yi yi.

Alas, wanting to always stay at the forefront (or at least keep it in view), I gave it a try anyway. This morning, I added DBI as a venue to foursquare and am currently seeking friends. Hint, hint.

I am starting to see the perks. Contest ideas abound, and this is potentially a great way to collaborate with the businesses downtown for your benefit. Plus, there are no crazy rules like "same as last time." Come on, like I'm supposed to remember the overly-amended register of customized "moves." I'm concentrating too hard on not peeing my pants out of fear.

But in all seriousness, do you want to play foursquare? Keep an eye out for our use to increase, and we would appreciate any ideas, tips, comments, etc.


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