What’s new in Downtown Boulder?

Posted on January 25, 2012

Me! With a new semester comes a new intern, and this semester’s selection of Boulder blogging perspectives will be courtesy of me, Devon. I have some big shoes to fill, but I am very excited to be able to share my explorations, food outings, café trips, festival happenings, and busking discoveries with you.

Part of being new is getting into the swing of things and figuring out the way things work. For example, I have to put stamps on envelopes, which may seem mundane, but this is no lick ‘n stick situation. The envelopes are weighed on this grey device and then fed into a slot where the stamp is stamped electronically; but not before it makes a bunch of noise and lets you know how important it is that you give it your full attention.  However, I am not the only one who is still getting acquainted with a new environment. A few new restaurants and shops have opened their doors in downtown, providing excellent opportunities to make multiple dinner date plans:

Shine on 13th and Pearl opened in December with the ever-so-fitting slogan “Light up Your Life…Shine from Within.” The Emich sisters, previous owners of the wine-bar and music venue Trilogy, opened Shine as a “place for us all to nourish ourselves through food, community, dance, education and celebration. It is hub for us all to share our gifts, to explore, and to have fun doing it.” Putting their creativity to good use, the sisters have worked hard to utilize the space and give an intimate, yet versatile feel, perfect for the live music, private parties, or their Wednesday morning yoga class. Cheap menu items paired with their unique elixirs and potions adds up to a satisfying and delicious time. Sounds like a good place to me!

If you recall the heartbreak of the fire that devastated the new Oak at Fourteenth last March, then you would also recall their magnificent reopening this December. Seeing this as an opportunity to redesign what they previously created, co-owners Bryan Dayton and Steven Redzikowski went straight to work rebuilding their restaurant resulting in a simple and rustic, yet contemporary space. The delectable menu you remember from a year ago has only been improved upon, providing seasonal items made with house-made pastas, as well as local produce and meats. If that isn’t enough to make you “accidentally” leave your leftovers in the office frig, GQ Bombay Sapphire named Bryan Dayton the 2011 Best Bartender in the country, meaning the hand-crafted cocktails and select artisan wines and beers are designed to perfectly compliment your entrée. Fresh, local, and award-winning. See you at six?

And if you feel like having a glamorous night-in while wearing your finest sweatpants, then first stop by the brand new Oliverde and browse through their premium selection of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes from around the world. After co-owners Terry and Kathy Kulesa opened the Rocky Mountain Olive Oil store in Fort Collins, they decided to expand south and bring their knowledge (and oil) to Boulder. Italian dishes made with authentic Italian olive oil are sure to impress friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and neighbors alike.

So while I continue to get myself acquainted with the life of a Downtown Boulder intern, come on down and check out the other new kids on the block.


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