Open Arts Fest Returns!

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Being a resident of Boulder for three years now, I have learned that embracing the culture is step one. So my obsession with yoga (turned addiction) has kind of come with my immersion into the Boulder culture. Now being a “yogi” I have realized there are certain yoga trends and must-haves besides the standard yoga mat. There’s the water bottle, the clothes, the yogitoes (towel-esque product that goes on top of your mat) and the yoga bag to hold all of your yogi essentials. The one item that I have yet to get is the yoga bag, and I really want one! Currently I have this side bag that I used for school last year that I got at Urban Outfitters two years ago, so obviously it really isn’t a ‘work-out’ bag.

My solution: Open Arts Fest’s Megan DeSmidt from St. Clair Designs (purses, large bags, knitting bags and YOGA BAGS). This weekend is Open Arts Fest (July 20th - 21st) and you can find me at her booth (#1105) picking out a yoga bag. I already did a little research and she has designed the most creative and unique bags. If you are in need of a new yoga bag like me, visit: and visit her booth this weekend at Open Arts Fest!

Be sure to check out all the amazing artists (ranging from painters, sculptures, woodworkers and jewelers) this weekend at Open Arts Fest. Get all the event details here:

-Taylor, the intern

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