The Classy Eat Cheap Week: First Bite Boulder

Posted on November 16, 2011

There are over 115 places to eat in Downtown Boulder and I personally don’t have the funds, or the metabolism to try them all (sigh…) In fact, sometimes I wonder if going to college in Boulder is doing more to my waistline than to my brain.  Sure, there are flatirons to hike, creeks to fish, trails to bike and mountains to climb…but once I’m done, how exactly do you expect me to say no to the queso dip at Tahona? (It’s served BOILING by the way.)  Unfortunately for me, were smack in the middle of another great event that has to do with ever expanding my pants size, First Bite Boulder!  All this week (Nov 11-19) 40 of Boulder’s top restaurants are offering a $26, 3 course menu to all of us; Great for those strapped for cash and not so great for my future size 0.  Last year, I stumbled upon First Bite on accident while eating at The ChopHouse.  I found myself thoroughly confused (and scared) from the ridiculously cheap seafood prices.  Luckily, I actually know what’s going on this year as the DBI intern (so enlightened…) and I think you should know too! For example, check out The ChopHouse menu for this year:

1st Course
House Salad
- Mixed seasonal field greens, carrots, cucumber and a fresh herb vinaigrette with buttermilk bleu cheese
Onion Soup - Stewed onions in a rich beef broth topped with crouton and melted Gruyere cheese

2nd Course
Fontina & Sage Stuffed Pork Chop
- Served with port-rosemary sauce, apple chutney and wild rice-pecan pilaf
8oz Filet Mignon - Served with white cheddar mashed potatoes and Worcestershire butter sauce
Citrus Salmon - Atlantic salmon with orange beurre blanc, served atop fresh asparagus

3rd Course
Old Fashioned Chocolate Caramel Cake
- Gandma's chocolate cake with fresh cream
Sorbet Duo

mmmm…..and all this for $26.  Other participants include some of my personal downtown favorites, like Brasserie Ten Ten, Sushi Tora, Jax, and Mateo.  You can see a full list of participants, their menus and even make reservations from the First Bite Boulder website.  So come enjoy some fabulous dining.  This event is great for families on a budget, dad’s paying their daughters CU out-of-state tuition, people who bought Buff season tickets and are regretting it, or the bottom 99% (hehe).  It’s also great for my roommates and me, because we lack self control…  Either way!  Enjoy!


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