Here's to the Un-Couple!

Posted on February 11, 2011

Yes, people of Boulder, it's that time again. Time to pull the red cardigans and pink dress shirts out of your closets, succumb to the candy industry's bombarding advertising and call up your ex to casually see if they have plans on the 14th... (It's obviously not like you couldn't make plans for that night... but you'd rather pencil them in as a favor. You're a good person like that).

It's Valentine's Day!

A holiday with a half-naked mascot who runs around shooting people and messing  with their love lives. It's a day made for couples -- and proposals, and love and stuff. This week at Downtown Boulder, we put together a Valentine's Day Guide filled with gift ideas, style ideas, and great date ideas... for the couples. So this blog post is dedicated to the un-couple. To the person that scoffs Cupid. The person that refuses to wear red on the 14th, and the person that will probably be attending Connor O'Neil's "Anti-Valentine's Day Bash" on Monday. Here's to you single people of Boulder! Forbes magazine once listed Boulder as the "best city for singles", and it's pretty obvious why. In 2010, Boulder was not only named "brainiest city" but also "healthiest town in the U.S.". Boulder is brimming with smart, attractive people running around in their North Face jackets, and jetting off to Copper and Aspen to ski on the weekends. In the afternoon, they gather at places like the The Cup, where they post up with their laptops and lattes and "work from home". At night, they visit the Mediterranean for happy hour and to share their latest "fresh pow" stories. On the weekends, they meet up at the West End Tavern where they buy each other pints of their favorite local craft beers. So this Valentine's Day, who says that single people can't join in on all of the V-Day fun? Whether you go about your business as usual and hit up downtown for dinner, drinks and dancing this weekend... or decide that the four course dinner menu at the Happy Noodle and Bitter Bar sounds phenomenal... go forth and represent the un-couple! Call up your best friend and make dinner reservations at the Pinyon on Monday night. Drag your single sister with you and visit the "Red Show" at Art and Soul Fine Art and Jewelry. And if you're looking to leave un-couple land, go to the "Single Mingle" Saturday night at the Absinthe House, and who knows... maybe you will meet that special someone. Me? I'll be spending Valentine's Day reverting back to my youth. You can find me gorging myself on white chocolate and sweethearts, making pretty cards out of pink and red construction paper and a glue stick.

So Happy Valentine's Day Boulder!

We'll be in touch soon,


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